Part 1

//page 0//

Narration: St. Ryuugasaki Academy, High School Section. The special freshman class, Z-kumi building, "Ryuuguu". From April on, it will become the SECOND YEAR Z-kumi class dorm [heart]

//title page//

//page 1//


Oto: okay!

//page 2//

Oto: Done moving! //yaaay!// what a big room [heart]
Narration: Tachibana Oto [female] will be in the second year, Q-kumi in April. the maid at Ryuuguu.

//page 3//

Jin: are you done already?
Oto: Jin!
Narration: Goryuukanda Jin [male] second year, Z-kumi. The leader of Ryuuguu.
Oto: Wow, Jin, did you cut your hair?
Jin: yeah.
Oto [narrating]: And, love...//bluuuuussh//

//page 4//

Oto: //Denderoroooooon// [I think this is gibberish ^_^]
symbol on the blob: Oto
Jin: Aaaah! you're melting! you're melting! doing un-human things as usual, huh.
label: regenerating
oto: i got embarrassed by my own monologue
oto: Jin told me "i love you" on Christmas Eve, but ever since that happened three months ago, NOTHING has happened.
Label: report.
Oto: //duhhhhhh// Not like it really matters weather anything happens or not.... //mumble, mumble//
label: The complex heart of a girl.
Jin: Yamato and the others called and asked if we wanted to eat lunch with them. Toki and Ukyou are waiting by the front door.

//page 5//

Jin: get ready to go, okay?
Oto: how should i put it...i'm pretty happy. [heart]
Ukyou: yo, Oto.
Narration: Rokumeikan Toki [female] and Saionji Ukyou [male] Toki is pretending to be Jin's fiancee. Ukyou is...
Ukyou: Hey, Oto, what's this i hear about you moving to a room on top of Jin's?!
//page 6//
Ukyou: Well, in that case, I'll move into the same room as Jin...Wait for me, darling! [heart]
Narration: He's in love with Jin [heart]
Oto: hey, hey, hey!
Toki: Maybe i should move, too...
Yamato: Ah, there you guys are.
Nagi: took long enough
Jin: Um, you guys...
Toki: i'm starving

//page 7//

Jin: why're you waiting in front of your own poster?!!
label: said in a little voice.
oto: Yamato's a girl...
Yamato: But it was easy to find us, right?
narration: Aizawa Yamato [male] and Nagi Takeru [male] both in Z-kumi. They are two really popular idols called Izanagi.
Nagi: No one can tell it's us.

//page 8//

narration: when you think about it, some average person like me being allowed to spend time with the special people of Z-kumi is...
Yamato: [something i don't feel like looking up in my kanji dictionary]
Jin: [somethjing else that i don't understand]
oto: i'm glad i became their madi.[heart] //giggle//
narration: ....i guess i was pretty lucky.
oto: huhhhh? hey, do you know where Jin is?
yamato: ? what's the matter, oto-chan?

//page 9//

oto: Ukyou made me the spring version of the maid outfit, and i wanted to show it to jin, but he's not here......
yamato: you look good in ukyou's clothes, as usual.
oto: i don't think it's as good as the winter version...
yamato: wellllll... Jin went to "Ryuujou", didn't he?
oto: "Ryuujou"? that's the dorm for the freshmen this year, right? why'd he go there? i hope it's not to fight...
nagi: he went to teach the rules to them.

//page 10//

label: "Ryuujou"
jin: first off, the curfew is 11 o'clock. there's no bell or anything, but they lock the doors. if you are giong to be home late or spend the night somewhere else, then notify one of the staff. All the baths stop after 11. the baths downstairs can be used starting at six in the morning. guy with Jin: Be sure to read this guide book. if you have any questions, ask me or Jin.
Jin: i don't remember them having a dorm rule-book...

//page 11//

guy with jin: one more thing.....
jin: huh?
sign: St. Ryuugasaki Academy, New Students Welcome Ceremony.
oto: Huuuuuuhhhhhh?

//page 12//

oto: where am i?
label: lost
oto: and where is the auditorium?
oto: it's because this campus is pretty big, huh......last year i also got lost and was really late....
//squeeze [heart]//
jin: what is THAT?

//page 13//

jin: Oto?!'re oto's little brother....
oto: i can't breathe... //ppHA!!!// ISE?! were you trying to kill me?!
Ise: I was just so happy to see you...[heart]

//page 14//

oto: what are you doing here?...
Ise: i came after you. from today on, i'll be a freshman here. nice to meet you, SENPAI [heart]
narration: Tachibana Ise [male] no blood relation, but oto's little brother.
oto: why didn't you tell me anything!!
ise: i thought it'd be a nice surprise.
sign: new students welcome assembly hall

//page 15//

oto: you did surprise me....pleeeeenty...what's Ise doing giving the speech for the freshman class??!
oto's friend: that's done by the top of the class, right? //whisper// you're little brother is sure somehting.
oto: u.....ah.....
oto: come to think of it, he was always a smart lad...he could calculate the sales tax perfectly so he would only end up spending 2000 yen; what a clever lad he was.....
oto's friend: ah! don't get too excited, oto! you're starting to sound like Grandpa Tarou!! [i don't know who that is...]

oto's friend: O...Oto-chan?

//page 16//

Ise: That is all.
Oto: Oops...i forgot to listen. being on that trip and all..
Ise: Ah, just one more thing. Second year student, Tachibana Oto is my woman. so be sure to keep your hands off her.
students: //zawa//

//page 17//
jin: jerk....
yamato: what a stunning proclamation, huh.
oto's friend: AAAAAHH!!! Oto-chan! snap out of it!! what is that, your soul??
oto: you
oto: little....

//page 18//

Ise: owowowowowowww!!!
oto: do you have anything against me or something?!
ise: what're you saying? i love couldn't have fogotten, have you?
oto: //gulp// i...i forgot...

//page 19//

jin: that was a good speech. //whoosh// except for the last part.
oto: jin!
ise: //damn//

//page 20//

ise: i'm just trying to keep her safe from SOMEONE i know.
jin: I will protect her, so you don't have to worry.
//spark! spark!//
oto: excuse me...
Ise: you expect me to not worry?!
oto: Oh Dearrrrr...

//page 21//

oto: arrrrgh, this'll be hard on Ise, but i'd better tell him about me and Jin!! hey, Ise, sorry, but Jin and i are...
//smack!// //mmmff!//

//page 22//

oto: What's going on?...does he not want me to tell anyone??
oto: //mmmaa!//
jin: sorry, but oto has to prepare dinner so we're leaving. see ya, Ise.
oto: //MMMM!!!//
Ise: //duhhhhh//
oto: What?....why?...why can't i tell him?!

//page 23//

sign: dinning room

oto: Gyoborori Gyoborori souuuup, souuuuuup.
arrow: mark left from the tape
yamato: oto-chan, that song is very lovely, but...
nagi: no it's not.

//page 24//

arrow: Ukyou
yamato: i don't think that soup is exactly edible. are you thinking about something again? you'll kill him.
oto: huh?
yamato: really? you don't know what jin's thinking?
nagi: i think it's harder to understand what oto's thiking...her head looks blank...
yamato: yeah.
label: naturally hazzardous being.

//page 25//

oto: well, toki's pretending to be his fiancee...i guess i shouldn't tell anyone about us, should i...but i don't like him saying i'm "his woman".
toki: you don't have to worry about me. we're both ready to accept going out with other people.
oto: i just can't believe that jin didn't do anything when Ise picked a fight by saying what he did at the assembly...well, then...maybe he doesn't love me anymore...
jin: you know that's not true.

//page 26//

oto: Jin!
toki: where did you come in on the conversation?
jin: the "Gyoborori" part...
nagi: ah, from the beginning, then.
oto: Wah! ? //crinkle//
jin: Dating between dorm students and the maid not allowed one of the dorm rules.

//apge 27//

toki/yamato/nagi/oto: What?!
jin: read the rule book!
oto/nagi/yamato/toki: But of course!!
jin: to cut it short, if people find out about us, you won't be able to live here anymore.
oto: huh?...i won't be able to live here?

//page 28//

oto: Jin...and everyone...i won't be able to live with them anymore?...if that happens... NO! it's not just that i need the money...i also want to be with you...with everyone. i want to stay in Ryuuguu!

//page 29//

yamato: yeah, i also want you to stay here. //giggle//
nagi: like you're one of the family.
Toki: i love you, too, oto.
ukyou: i'm gonna make you wonderful uniforms for each season!
jin: there you have it. i also want you to stay here. because i'm the leader, and...because i'm ME.

//apge 30//

yamato: you two'd better be sneaky about it.
nagi: i'll cover for ya!
ukyou: if you're lonely, you can be with me, Jin! [heart]
toki: so i guess that means i'm still playing the part of your fiancee. //yay, yay!//
jin: looking forward to that...
yamato: well, oto-chan //smile [heart]// if you wanna make out with Jin, now's the time to do it! good luck!
words: well, now it's time to leave the young ones alone.
ukyou: Jiiinnnn
oto: HUH?
sign: oto
oto: Yamatoooo...

//page 31//

oto: but i'm glad. i thought you didn't love me anymore.
jin: really? why?
oto: well, how should i put it...we haven't done anything since christmas....
jin: ....oto...would you have preffered for us to have DONE something?
oto: ah! no, that's not what i meant!! aaaahh!
jin: //giggle, giggle// nothing to be worried about. //umph//
oto: eh?

//apge 32//

jin: you're more important to me than you think.
oto: same goes for me!

//page 33/

oto: i love jin. he's important to me. i want to be with him forever....