Milk Crown:

Milk Crown is a manga that's running in a magazine called Shocomi (the magazine where Flower Comics come from...) Milk Crown ended in February (I think) and is a total of 2 volumes (volume 1 came out at the end of February and volume 2 at the end of May), and then, a continuation of the series, "Milk Crown H!" (no, the "h" does NOT stand for "hentai", but "high" ^_^ ) came out around April í00 in the magazine, and endedÖI forget when. There were 5 volumes total. AND NOW!!! THE YEAR 2002!! Yet another Milk Series has begun! (on none other than June 20, my birthday ^_-). Itís called "Milk Crown Lovers", and I suppose it will focus more on Otoís Jinís relationship (though Aqua-sensei promises itíll still be littered with cheesy gags and general craziness ^_-).

I encourage you all to check out this series as the artwork is good (the guys are pretty cute in it not as cute as AnC guys, of course, but pretty darn cute), the story is also cute, very funny, and the characters are all lovable.

Milk Crown Favorite Character Poll Results

First place: Goryuukanda Jin
Runner-up: Tachibana Oto
Tetris no Miko's favorite: Ukyou-sama!!!


Milk Crown is a story about a 15-year old girl named Tachibana Oto who leaves all her brothers and sisters at the orphanage to go work as a maid in a high school with a dorm (naturally, she will also be taking classes at this school, like everyone else). At this new high school dorm she's staying at, there are some pretty crazy people. There that good enough? Okay.

Milk Crown CD:

A drama CD was released. Several nice Seiyuu. Iíve got more info here

Cast of Characters: Oto, Jin, Yamato, Nagi, Ukyou, Lady, Nina, Toki, Ise, Senri, Hime. Pictures and some info. I promise Iíll add the characters from H up there laterÖor maybe Iíll just make a separate page for H all together. After all, H is over nowÖ ^_^;

Images: Most images torn out from issues of Shocomi ^_^

Oto-doll: I made Mizuto Aqua-sensei an Oto-doll (UFO-catcher style ^_-) for her birthday ('00). Go see pics of it... O_o


I have translated all of Milk Crown (not H), and my translations are the property of someone else. Go here to see who has them.

High 1
There are more episodes out there, but I havenít translated them. If you want to pay me to translate them, e-mail me.

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