The Cast:

Tachibana Oto

Fifteen years old. A rather stupid, but nice girl. She is an orphan, and had been living at the Tachibana Orphanage with a bunch of other kids, but she decides to enter a high school with a dorm and help out as a maid there to make some money.


Sixteen years old, a first year student in Z-kumi. He's the leader of the dorm and sort of the official protector of Oto ^_^. He's kind of a dare-devil, but a fun, and nice guy. He also has fangs >: )=


A pretty boy, and first year student in Z-kumi. He can also be scary at times, but is generally a nice guy. His talent is that he's an idol.


A little more like Jin in character, and is also an idol (and a first year, Z-kumi student, blah blah blah). His character isn't really developed much…


My favorite character in Milk Crown >: )= he's a first year, Z-kumi student who loves to sew...oh, and he's also gay (sort of…). He's kind of in love with Jin, but not in a passionate way (in a cute way). He's very girly and sweet and craaaazzzzzyyyy!!!


One of the orphans at the Tachibana Orphanage. She looks a lot like a younger version of Oto. Very cute and sweet.another picture, yet another picture.


Jin's fiancee ^_^ Jin's and her parents arranged for them to get married at age 12, but they don't really plan on marrying (they're just really good friends). Toki is also a member of Z-kumi, and is very talented at...everything ^_^ Basketball, tea ceremony, and she's pretty to top it off with. She's also a pretty fun character.

Lady ("O-Jou")

Jin's pet shark ^_^ He found her in the ocean when she was a baby and raised her. She's tame...but still a shark ^_^

Hime (Jin’s Mother)

If you look really closely, she looks exactly like Jin only she wears makeup ^_^. She's a very strict, prim, and proper woman who is just a LITTLE too protective of her son ^_^.


A girl around Jin's age who works for his mother. She has a crush on Jin (naturally ^_^).


One of Oto's "little brothers" from the Orphanage. He is about one year younger than her. He has a small appearance in Milk Crown, but has a bigger part in H.