Watase Yuu Interview!
Translated by be from the first Fushigi Yuugi art bookÖ

Q: Is "Watase Yuu" your real name?

A: Itís my pen name. I like the name "Yuu", so I chose it. But now that I think about it, itís a pretty high-scale name *laugh* I got the kanji for my name from the (male) names of characters in the manga I was currently writing.

Q: How is your life as a Manga-ka?

A: Itís paradise. It I didnít think that, I would quit *laugh*

Q: What kind of child were you?

A: I was very strange *laugh* I didnít like childish stuff like games, and was always off in my own world, coming up with manga stories.

Q: What were you like in 6th grade?

A: Again, I spent most of my time drawing. Because of that, I didnít have many friends, which might have made me lonely.

Q: What were you like your last year in Junior High?

A: I was a terrible little snot *laugh* I ditched P.E., and never did my Home Econ. assignments. I was the one *dark* person in my class. But the last half of the year, I made friends and became a bit more normal.

Q: If you could become a teenager again, what would you like to do the most?

A: I would like to date a teenage boy *laugh* Since I went to an all girlsí school in high school, Iíd want to go to a co-ed school this time around. Itíd sure be nice to have a life like the characters in shoujo manga *laugh*

Q: How do you picture yourself as a 40 year old?

A: Ö.No change. I guess by then I might have lost more brain cells. Oops, I donít think thatís possible *laugh*

Q: When you become 75 years old, what do you want to do?

A: While relaxing in a quiet hick town, Iíll reminisce over the good old days *laugh* I really do believe that old people appreciate life more than younger people. So thatís the way I wanna be, sonny.

Q: Do you have a particular way you would like to die?

A: I eat something delicious at night and say "Ahhh, this is Heaven!", get back in bed, and then really go to Heaven. But I donít want to die yet *laugh*

Q: What would you like to be reborn as?

A: A boy! Iíll be a cute guy, wear a gakuran [*those black, buttoned uniforms schoolboys wear in Japan], and Iíll pick up chicks *laugh* Then when I grew up, Iíd become a shounen Manga-ka

Q: What is your favorite flower?

A: Babyís breath. Itís not too colorful, but you canít make a bouquet without it! I like how itís sort of like the "star in the shadows" as it helps support the other flowers.

Q: Have you ever seen a porno video?

A: Yup, I did. And one of the ones I saw was unedited! Now that was just plain disgusting. I think I prefer anime and manga porn. I think fake porn isnít so bad, but when itís just too real, itís indecent.

Q: What type of man do you like?

A: If I had to pick one from my manga, I guess it would be Tasuki or Chichiri. My ideal man is the type who I can be myself around. Normal height and build is fine, too. Iíd also go for a Nakago, but heís more the type Iíd like to stare at romantically *laugh*

Q: Do you have recurring dreams?

A: I used to have dreams with recurring characters, but I donít notice that anymore.

Q: When was the first time you fell in love? And what was the outcome?

A: I guess it was my first year in junior high. I fell for a boy who was on the class committee with me. I never told him how I felt, and it ended up with him changing classes "The End". But I remember when a friend told me he had a girlfriend, how I was so shocked it felt like someone had a fist around my heart. I guess I really did love him *laugh* But I was taller than him anyway.

Q: What was the saddest thing that has happened to you so far?

A: Probably the death of my mother when I was 13. She was the one who was the most enthusiastic about my dream to become a Manga-ka. I wish she could see me now.

Q: Can you tell us your favorite movies?

A: "Field of Dreams", "Terminator (1 and 2)", "Speed" (These are REALLY good!)

Q: Can you also tell us your favorite books?

A: "Replay", The Narnia books by C.S. Lewis, and anything by Mure Yoko.

Q: How tall are you? Would you rather be taller or shorter?

A: I am 5í7. (Thatís tall for a Japanese woman). When I was in my teens, I wished I were shorter because boys teased me about it, but now I want to be shorter for a different reason: I canít find any clothes in my size! I canít find shoes in my size! All the clothes that ARE my size look like granny-clothes! Someone help me! *laugh* [*Watase should just go shopping in America or some other country where 5í7 isnít too tall for a woman. Sheíll have no problems here ^_- -TnM]

Q: If you were in Miakaís place, how would you have reacted differently?

A: I probably would have accepted Hotohoriís love the first time he told me he loved me *laugh* And I also would have not been able to forgive Yui and would have hated her. But since Yui would be my best friend, I guess I would end up acting the same way Miaka did, though.

Q: Do you smoke or drink?

A: I hate cigarettes. If itís only one person smoking around me, Iím okay, but being around too many smokers makes me feel sick. I do drink, but I get drunk very easily. If I drinkn just a little bit, I become very giddy and go "geragerageragerageraaaaÖ"

Q: How do you relieve stress?

A: By playing fighting games at an arcade. But since if I lose the game, my stress level rises even more, I resort to shopping. If I splurge on books or CDs, I feel much better.

Q: Is there anything in particular you want right now?

A: Doraemon! (an old, blue, magical anime characterÖI personally hate him ^-^; -TnM) I want him so he can manifest my imaginations into manga instantly!!

Q: What kind of shampoo and rinse do you use?

A: Rejoy (I donít know what this is supposed to be; I only use cheap brand shampoos myself ^_^; -TnM) The kind that removes dandruff. Thatís a lifesaver!

Q: Do you sleep on a bed or on a futon (on a thin Japanese mattress on the floor -TnM)? What do you wear to bed?

A: I sleep in a bed. After I finish work I just crash as I am currently dressed. But since my parents get mad at me for sleeping in my clothes, sometimes I strip off into my underwear and sleep that way. If I have time, I change into pajamas.

Q: Say something good about yourself.

A: I have great ears. I have never met anyone with bigger earlobes than mine. I can also change my voice.

Q: If your dog, Yuu-chan spoke, what would Yuu-chan say?

A: Ö "Hug me! hug me! hug me! hug me! hug me!". Cute little pest.