Imadoki! is a story Watase Yuu finished back in spring, í01. Her new serial series started on June 20, Ď01 (ah, my birthday ^_^). Imadoki! is a total of 5 volumes (though the last volume is half-filled with short stories)

It is a cute little comedy about a girl, named Tanpopo, from a hick town in Hokkaido who moves to a high-class high school in Tokyo where all the students are very wooden people. It's all about Tanpopo's struggle to make friends, and to show everyone that flowers and friendship are important (friendship and flowers are kinda symbolic of each other in this story)

Imadoki! Favorite Character Poll Results

First place: Kyougoku Aoi
Runner-up: Yamazaki Tanpopo
Tetris no Miko's favorite: Kyougoku Aoi


Yamazaki Tanpopo

The main character. A cheerful, innocent county-girl. At first, she looked EXACTLY like Aya (from Ayashi no Ceres) to me, but after a while, I saw the difference (mainly the fact that Aya and Tanpopo simply display completely different emotions ^_^;;) Perhaps one of Watase's most innocent heroines ^v^. Actually, she'd probably make me sick in real life, but as a manga character, I like her okay ^_^.

Kugyou Kouki

The storyís love-interest. Heís rather reserved in personality, but he does have his outbursts from time to time. Heís extremely rich, but pretty lonely. He also has a prominent Kansai-ben! (someone recently asked me what "Kansai-ben" was... most Fushigi Yuugi fans know from Tasuki, but as a brief explanation, it's a dialect from a more southern part of Japan that is very distinct and many comedians use it.)

Saionji Tsukiko

A girl who appears to be mild-mannered while deep down, she is a cunning woman after Koukiís money. Of course, Tanpopo converts her, though. I think I remember reading in a freetalk that Watase hadn't intended on Saionji being so whacko, but somehow... ^^;;

Kyougoku Aoi

My favorite >: )= Hey, I have a weakness for insane guys! Heís also a computer nerd. His nickname is "Kireta" ("kireru" is to snap/go insane, and "-ta" is what many boy's names end with). I think he wins the blue ribbon for insanity in this series ^v^

Uchimura Arisa

A "gal". [*the Japanese use this term to refer to wild teenage girls, especially girls who wear heavy, dark makeup.] At first, she thinks Tanpopo is a dork, but comes to accept her as a friend. She also managed to fall in love with the jerk you see below you...


The student body president. He likes to sleep around and ends up getting girls pregnant, so his father gives them abortions under cover. A generally snobbish guy.

Kugyou Yoji

OHHHHH MYYYY GODDDDD!!!! Isn't he just sososososososooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute??? *a-hem*.... Anyway, he's Kouki's older brother, and he divorced his parents so he could pursue his dream of becoming a photographer.


Koukiís fiancee. She was originally Koukiís brotherís fiancee, but Koukiís brother ran away. I don't really like her, but I suppose we're also supposed to sort of feel sorry for her...

Tanpopoís friends from Hokkaido, Ruri and Kazutaka

These are Tanpopoís two close friends back in Hokkaido. They appeared in a side story called "Zutto ne" (which was published in vol. 5 of the manga). In this story (which takes place when Tanpopo is still in junior high), complications ensue between the three friends as Kazutaka develops romantic feelings for Tanpopo, and Ruri for Kazutaka. Tanpopo, still oblivious to the idea of romance, is just sad about how strange her friends have become. Kazutaka and Ruri have a short cameo appearance around vol. 3 of the manga or so, but other than that, they only exist in the side storyÖ


Tanpopoís pet fox ^-^ In the side story "Zutto ne", Tanpopo and her friends find a sick-looking fox. They name her "Kokuri". Later, they discover that Kokuri was pregnant all along. She gives birth to three foxes, Poplar, Poppy, and Corn. Shortly after she gives birth, Kokuri dies, so Tanpopo, Ruri, and Kazutaka each take a fox to raise. I suppose this is how they are as domesticated as they areÖ Though Watase still acknowledges in a freetalk that itís close to impossible to raise a wild fox as your pet ^_^; Oh well, thisís a manga, so itís okay : p


A very cool person has initiated a sort of Imadoki Translating Project. Itís held at, so go check it out. I translated a little for her and might translate more, but please do not ask me personally for translations.

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