Last updated: 10/2/04

Fruits Basket

Author: Takaya Natsuki
Genera: Contemporary Fantasy/cute guys ^_^
Current number of volumes: More than 14 (A new main character is featured on every cover, so now that all 12 horary signs, plus Tooru and Kyou have been covered, all that's left potentially are Akito, Uo-chan, and Hana-chan… but that doesn't mean the series will stop at 17 ^_-)
Anime Status: Was an anime that has been (is being?) fansubbed and perhaps even released commercially, for all I know… Lots of famous seiyuu involved (Hisakawa Aya, Okiayu Ryoutarou, and Seki Tomokazu to name a few…)


Honda Tooru finds herself homeless soon after she becomes an orphan. Since she is still in high school, she can’t work enough to support herself and has to live in a tent in the woods. The school idol, Yuki, discovers her plight, and he and his cousin invite Tooru to live with them (as a sort of maid). Her world soon gets even more complicated when she discovers that they are 2 of the 12 descendants of the animals in an ancient fable. When they hug or are hugged by members of the opposite sex, they change into the animals from which they descended. Usually, people who discover their secret have their memories erased, but as an exception, Tooru gets to keep her memory as long as she never tells anyone else their secret.

This is unique as a shoujo manga (well, it’s just unique in general) because even though there is a definite heroine and love interests, they cannot be physical with each other…’cause it’s just not too romantic to snuggle with a mouse or a cat ^_^; One up-side to the curse is that a cursed boy CAN hug and be hugged by a cursed girl…

A very fun story filled with cute guys, adorable girls, and some angsty characters. My personal favorite is the descendant of the cat. In the fable, the mouse told the cat that there would be a banquet for all the animals, but he told the cat the wrong day (on purpose). Naturally, the descendants of the cat and mouse hate each other because of this ^_^. But the cat is the carrier of an even more horrible burden…his "true form"…


Simply click on the animal and you will see what it was before I hugged it ^_-