Nakatsu Shuuichi

Birthday: August 20th.
Age: 17
Blood type: B
Height: 6"
Favorite Food: Okonomiyaki (a sort of Japanese, seafood pancake), omelets-rice (a sort of omelet with flavored rice on the inside and topped with ketchup), Yakiniku (Korean barbecue; MY personal favorite >: )= Curry.
Favorite Musician: Urufuruzu (a rock-ish, pop-ish band), Iemon (have no clue ^^;), etc.
Favorite Movie: Speed, Die Hard, My Friend Forever.
Favorite Brand: Levis, Good Enough, Adidas.
Favorite Sports: Soccer!
Favorite Animal (as a pet): Cat (he has raised cats at his house since he was little). His current catís name is "Guriko"
Food he hates: Nattoh! (fermented soy beansÖ..and it has got to be the grossest thing Iíve ever seen, smelled, or eaten ^^;;), Salad with only vegetables, sashimi and raw meat.
Image Flower: Sunflower.
He bleaches his hair.