Nakao Senri

Birthday: April 3rd.
Age: 17
Blood type: A
Height: 5’4
Favorite Food: Pudding, Chawanmushi (It’s like an egg custard steamed with lots of savory ingredients…it’s pretty good ^-^).
Favorite Musician: GLAY (yayy!! Glaaay!! Glay is a cool rock group of four guys with spiky hair, and it’s really cool and stuff…).
Favorite Movie: Interview with a Vampire.
Favorite Brand: Carl Helm, Nicole.
Favorite Person: Nanba-senpai.
Unique Characteristic: When his sanity snaps, he becomes a different person.
Food he hates: Japanese pickles (yeahhh!! Death to Japanese pickles!!! ^_-), Vinegary things, Dense things
Image Flower: Dahlia

He was the school idol and prettiest boy in the school until Mizuki came ^_-. He is rather girlish and has a crush (?) on Nanba (though he’s not attracted to other guys besides Nanba…).