Ashiya Mizuki

Birthday: May 2nd.
Age: 17
Blood type: O
Height: 5’3
Favorite Food: Peaches, jam, sea food, marinated stuff.
Favorite Musician: Spits, Bonny Pink, Kinki Kids (a duo of two cute guys who sing pop music that appeals to younger children and girls. I happen to like them a lot ^-^), etc.
Favorite Movie: Field of Dreams, Philadelphia.
Favorite Brand: Nothing in particular. Presently, boyish brands.
Favorite Sports: Everything.
Favorite Animal (as a pet): Any pet is okay, but recently she’s come to like Yuujirou the best.
Food she hates: Umeboshi (fermented, salted wild plumbs…I’m with Mizuki on this >_<), wasabi (horse radish paste…yup, I hate it, too ^-^;), hot things (because she has a sensitive tongue, or a nekojita)
Image Flower: Daisy