Kayashima Taiki

Birthday: February 22nd.
Age: 16
Blood type: O
Height: 5’7
Favorite Food: Miso cuisine (Miso is fermented soybean paste).
Favorite Musician: Sada Masashi, Kitarou, Geinousan(something)-kumi, Himegami (might’ve miss-romaaji’ed that one….I have no clue who any of these are ^^; Why do the HanaKimi characters have to like such obscure artists!!)
Favorite Movie: The Exorcist, The Shining.
Favorite Sports: Ping-pong
Favorite Genera Anything of the occult.
Unique Characteristic: Can see ghosts and people’s auras.
Image Flower: Gentian

He is Nakatsu’s roommate and was kind of ignored in the first part of the series, but I think his popularity went up and Nakajou uses him more now. He also loves to do Yoga (I’m surprised that wasn’t listed in his "favorite sport" section…) He’s generally a pretty creepy guy, and is great in scenes where Nakatsu is having a heated monologue with himself (Kayashima will suddenly interrupt him with something like "your aura is very marbley today…" ^_^)