HanaKimi CD Info (taken from volumes 8 and 12 of HanaKimi)

Hana to Yume Magazine released TWO CDs for HanaKimi! Some VERY nice person sent me a burned CD of the first one and now all I need is the second one... *__*


The case its self is an original illustration by Nakajou-sensei with Nakatsu and Izumi hugging Mizuki. Included with the actual CD was a sheet with character info, and behind the scenes info, and an illustration of Nanba with Umeda.

*Top Row, left to right* Koyasu Takehito, Ichijou Kazuya, Miki Shin'ichiro
*Bottom Row, left to right* Morikubo Shoutarou, Kuwashima Houko, Kisaichi Atsushi

The Seiyuu Who did the voices of the characters were as follows:

Mizuki: Kuwashima Houko (also voiced Maron from Jeanne. I think she made a perfect Mizuki. I was very surprised... ^_^; -TnM)
Izumi: Kisaichi Atsushi (I didn't really care for his voice...It might have just been bad quality, but it sounded like he had a lisp ^-^; -TnM)
Nakatsu: Morikubo Shoutarou (Raphael from Tenshi ni Naru mon... I really like his voice ^__^ -TnM)
Nanba: Miki Shinichirou (also voiced Yoji from WK, Keisuke from FY, Tsuzuki from Yami no Matsuei, etc. At first, I didn't think his voice would fit Nanba well, but he did a good job. -TnM)
Umeda: Ichijou Kazuya (Not much to say about this guy... -TnM)
Hijima: Koyasu Takehito (the Seiyuu GOD! ^_- Also voiced Hotohori from FY, Aya from WK, Aburatsubo from MTT, and a partridge in a pear tree. -TnM)

Nakajou was VERY impressed at Koyasu-sama’s wonderful Himejima (she says his voices fits Himejima perfectly. She also went gaa-gaa when she heard Miki-sama say Nanba’s lines in his beautiful voice ^_^;

The Story its self was a side-story that took place during the school fair in volumes 4 and 5. Mizuki and the other characters had to put on Romeo and Juliet. Mizuki was Juliet and Sano was Romeo (Nakatsu, of course, was furious and demanded that he should be Romeo...then when Nanba finally rellented and let Nakatsu say some of the lines, it was in Kansai-ben ^v^;; I almost wet my pants laughing ^^;

Messages from the Seiyuu

Houko: "Lemme see heeeeeeere, Mizuki is a girl who is boyish, and tries to act like a boy so as not to be confused as a girl even though she really is a girl…I think that’s what was hard about doing her voice."

Atsushi: "This was the first time I had ever received a big part like this, so I frantically bought and read the manga before we started *laugh*"

Shoutarou: "Wow, acting in Kansai-ben sure was a challenge…but I would like to get more parts in Kansai-ben from now on!!"

Kazuya: "After I got the script for the CD, I tried to avoid reading the original manga, but I read it anyway *laugh*"

Miki: "I had lots of fun doing this."

Takehito: "Since I had little screen time, I performed in such a way that you might think KOYASU TAKEHITO IS IN THIS CD!!"

Some hillarity also occurred in the second part of the CD which was "Messages of Love from Pretty Boys" ^_^. Apparently, Umeda's sister, Io, had an idea for a tape that contained messages of love from pretty boys (She thought it would sell well...I think it would, too ^_^). Umeda tracked down the pretty boys (Mizuki, Sano, Nakatsu, Nanba, Himejima, and finally Umeda himself O_o) and they each said their little "Messages of Love". Mizuki's was to Sano (obviously), Sano's was...well, Umeda forced it out of him by making him read a "love letter that had been sent to Umeda" ^_-. Nanba's was to no one in particular, Nakatsu's was to Mizuki, Himejima's was to...no one in particular, and Umeda's was to..."That guy" ^_-. Nakajou mentioned it's also fun to listen to these "Messages of Love" as if they were directed to you ^_^

At the very end was comments from all the Seiyuu. It was VERY funny when Morikubo (Nakatsu's seiyuu) admitted that Koyasu Takehito (Himejima's Seiyuu) had kissed him for real durring the recording O_o Then he said the other guys should sample Koyasu's kiss as well ^_^;;; I think they were joking, but it was hilarious anyway ^-^


*Top row, left to right* Miki Shin'ichiro, Koyasu Takehito, Ichijou Kazuya, Itou Kentarou, Nakahara Shigeru
*Bottom row, left ro right* Kisaichi Atsushi, Kuwashima Houko, Morikubo Shoutarou, Tezuka Chiharu

The Seiyuu Who did the voices of the characters were as follows:

Mizuki: Kuwashima Houko
Izumi: Kisaichi Atsushi
Nakatsu: Morikubo Shoutarou
Nanba: Miki Shinichirou
Umeda: Ichijou Kazuya
Hijima: Koyasu Takehito
Akiha: Nakahara Shigeru
Nakao: Tezuka Chiharu (a girl)
Kayashima: Itou Kentarou (Yuuhi's Seiyuu! ^v^)

The day of the recording, Nakajou went in with her assistants to observe. When she came late to the studio, Koyasu-sama teased her and asked if she got lost. Then when she went into the recording room, she walked right in the middle of a love-scene with Akiha and Umeda and she almost fainted ^-^; Nakajou was upset that she missed the climax of the scene, so she made them re-do it. The poor guy acting Umeda was all embarrassed when Nakajou was giving him tips on how to do the part where he and Akiha kiss O_o.

Another mini-drama in this CD was one with Nakao. Nakajou was impressed at the seiyuu who did his voice, too.

Poor Koyasu-sama had a terrible stomach ache the day of the recording, and after it was all over, Nakajou noticed she had had some stomach medicine in her bag ^^;

Nakajou was pleased with Houko’s Mizuki again and found Kentarou’s almost sexy Kayashima interesting. (Kentarou also reads Hana to Yume Comics ^-^)

There was a Theme Song this time around, sung by Houko. Miki was whining to Nakajou that he didn’t get to do much this time around ^_^;

Shoutarou was having lots of problems with Nakatsu’s Kansai-ben this time around and Nakajou spent a lot of time coaching him ^-^ (much like Watase Yuu had to coach Hayashi Nobutoshi for Tasuki’s lines ^_-)