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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
("To You Children in the Bloom of Youth")

This was a manga series by Nakajou Hisaya that ran in Hana to Yume Comics. It’s about a girl named Mizuki who was raised in America, but decides to move back to Japan by herself so she can go to the same school as Izumi, a high jumper she saw on TV. The only catch is that the school is an all boys boarding school. So Mizuki cuts her hair off and pretends to be a boy so she can be near Izumi.

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Favorite Character Poll Results

First place: Sano Izumi
Runners-up: Umeda Hokuto and Ashiya Mizuki
Tetris no Miko's favorite: Nakatsu Shuuichi


All character information found in volumes 3 and 10 of HanaKimi and translated by me…

Ashiya Mizuki Sano Izumi Nakatsu Shuuichi Nanba Minami
Umeda Hokuto Hara Akiha Nakao Senri Kayashima Taiki

Other Characters:
(These are characters who do not have character profiles in the tankoubon)

Himejima Masato (Though he insists his name is "Oscar" ^_-)
A very eccentric boy, and Dorm #3’s leader. He supposedly has German ancestors and likes to throw in phrases in (broken) German, occasionally. Nakajou-sensei said she made this character using Gackt (from back when he was in Malice Mizer) as his looks and Koyasu Takehito as his voice ^_^. In the CD-version of HanaKimi, Koyasu Takehito does his voice, too ^__^.

Shizuki C. Ashiya
Mizuki’s big-brother. His mother was an American, so he’s really Mizuki’s half-brother.

Tennouji Megumi
The dorm leader of Dorm #1 and the Karate Club. A very manly guy (the kind you usually see in shounen manga).

Mizuki’s best friend from America. All the guys hit on her when she comes to Japan, but she seems to get a soft spot for the one guy who doesn’t seem to like her, Nakatsu ^_^.

For the longest time, I thought this was a picture of Kujou Itsuki, but it's actually Gilbert. He's American and Mizuki's first love.

The dog the Dorm of Ousaka looks after. He only likes girls (except Izumi and Mizuki…well, Mizuki is a girl, though… ^^;;)

Character Poll Results (A poll was conducted a while back among Japanese HanaKimi readers. Find out how your favorite character stands! ^_-)

HanaKimi CD info (three CDs were of which was only offered from Hana to Yume magazine and now impossible to get.)

Cross-dressing Pictures! ^_-