Hara Akiha

Birthday: November 29th.
Age: 25
Blood type: B
Height: 6’4
Favorite Food: Anything that’s sweet.
Favorite Musician: Kemigura, Emiguma, Stone Amy, and instrumentals. ("Kemigura" and "Emigura" are probably shortenings for American music groups…..I know next to nothing about American music, so I have no clue who they are ^-^;)
Favorite Movie: "Barbarera Grand Blue", Pretty Baby.
Favorite Brand: Yoji, Yamamoto
Favorite Sports: Beach Volley Ball.
Favorite Animal (as a pet): 101 Dalmatians
Food he hates: Vinegary things
Image Flower: Phlemming Parrot (or something like that ^^;)

He’s a first-rate photographer who took pictures of Mizuki, Nakatsu, Izumi, and Nanba and used them as models (I think this episode was mainly fan-service *v*). He also has a thing for Umeda ^_-