Great Teacher Onizuka ["GTO"]

GTO is a shounen manga series by Fujisawa Tooru, by Kodansha Comics. It’s about a man named Onizuka Eikichi (22) who doesn't really have much prospects until one day he decides to be a teacher. The head of an academy is interested in his "methods" and lets him teach (much to the principal's...pain...>: )= Onizuka isn't much of a teacher as far as school subjects go, but he is a VERY good teacher in "life". Each story in the manga basically deals with him straightening out his students...but with not your typical many teachers do YOU know of who cosplay as an elephant (with the trunk you-know-where ^_- ) while they teach class?? This is a hilarious, and sometimes even...heartwarming...anime/manga series (you've gotta love matter how stupid he is ^_^ )

GTO Favorite Character Poll Results

First place: Onizuka Eikichi

Runners-up: Kanzaki Urumi and Nomura Tomoko
Tetris no Miko's favorites: Urumi-chan and Toro-chan ^__^

*GTO has ended. I’m sad to see such a good series end, but it ended while it was still good, and the author may decide to use Onizuka’s character again in a new series…

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