Last updated: 5/25/09

Garasu no Kamen
By: Miuchi Suzue

This is a very popular and famous story that is currently 43 volumes long (with more on the way!) about a girl named "Maya", who has no future prospects, but she loves movies, TV, and telling stories. One day, a mysterious old lady spots her, and decides that she's "the one"!!! This old lady, Tsukikage Chigusa, used to be a famous actress who played the role of the "Kurenai Tennyo" (Crimson Nymph) that stunned many people and was very popular, but one day, the stage lights fell on her and burned half of her face, causing her to be hideously ugly, and therefore, she had to quit acting. Ever since then, she has been searching for the one to do Kurenai Tennyo, and she thinks that maya can do it...

Cast of Characters...

Garasu no Kamen was animated into a TV series, an OVA series, a TV-drama series, it was adapted for the stage.....and I think there might have been novel(s) on it, too (not quite sure about the novels...).