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Fushigi Yuugi Novels

This page has information and/or translations of all (?) the novels of Fushigi Yuugi. These novels were released after the manga series. The author is Nishizaki Megumi, and the stories were created by Watase Yuu and Nishizaki Megumi.

Starting at the end of 2001 and ending just after my birthday in June, 2002, the Eikou Den novels were turned into a 4-episode OVA. I saw it and it’s nothing too special (then again, I didn’t think too much of them as novels, either ^^;).

Here are some pics from it (scanned from the OST)

And larger pictures from the OST here and here and here

I’ve also translated the opening and ending theme songs.

Here’s a list of the novels. I have summaries/translations for most of them:

Genrou Den
("The Legend of Genrou") - The Tasuki novel. Tasuki no Miko has this translated here (The site says I translated it, but I assure you, I didn't. I'm not certain if this is her translation or not, but it probably is...)

Shouryuu Den
("The Legend of Shouryuu [Rising Dragon]") - The Chichiri novel. MY COMPLETE TRANSLATION INCLUDED

Yukiyasha Den
("The Legend of Yukiyasha") - The Nuriko novel. MY COMPLETE TRANSLATION INCLUDED

Ryuusei Den
("The Legend of Shooting Star") - The Amiboshi/Suboshi novel. I translated it a long time ago and someone is hosting it for me because I'm out of space up here.

Suzaku Hi Den
("The Legend of Suzaku’s Sorrow") - The Hotohori novel. MY COMPLETE TRANSLATION INCLUDED

Seiran Den
("Indigo Legend")- The Nakago novel. MY COMPLETE TRANSLATION INCLUDED

Eikou Den, part 1
("The Legend of Eternal Light") - This is part 1 to a sequel to Fushigi Yuugi. I was going to translate this, but Tasuki no Miko cut in on my action (j/k ^_^) and has it translated at her page

Eikou Den, part 2
("The Legend of Eternal Light") - Ditto. My translation in progress included…

Shugyoku Den
("The Legend of the Red Jewel") - This is the Tamahome novel. My translation in progress included…

Oumei Den
("The Legend of Fated Encounter") - This is the Mitsukake novel. Very nifty… MY COMPLETE TRANSLATION INCLUDED

Yuuai Den
("The Legend of Yuuai") - This is the Chiriko novel. It uses mostly characters we know (Nakago, Shifang, Tokaki, Subaru) and is quite cute ^-^. MY TRANSLATION IN PROGRESS INCLUDED

Sanbou Den 1
("The Legend of the Three Talismans") - A sequel to part 1 of the manga and a prequel of part 2 of the manga. Features Tasuki and Chichiri mainly.

Sanbou Den 2
("The Legend of the Three Talismans") - Finishing off part 1… also, you Nak fans out there will LOVE (or maybe dislike, depending on what your take on him is) part of this one…

The Characters in the Fushigi Yuugi Novels

Do you want me to translate another novel??

I've been selling all my old stuff that I never look at anymore and sadly (for you reading this) that includes the novels. The only novel I own now that has yet to be translated is the Chiriko novel and I charge 10 cents per word as of 6/1/08. email me if you have any questions about my current status.

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