Tetris no Miko's Ayashi no Ceres Page!!

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General Announcement
Ayashi no Ceres (the manga and the anime) have been picked up by Viz for release. It's entirely available in English (and other languages) in anime and comic book form. I created this page in the year 1998 back when all of this was not the case... so I may mention "fansub" or "translation" here and there. Just ignore it and buy the official release ^-^;


Ayashi no Ceres Novels
Contains summaries, character info, and some images and partial translations from all the Ayashi no Ceres novels. (these were NOT officially released in North America)

-Cast of Characters <--contains links to pages/shrines on some of the characters.
-Parody <--sometimes parodies of AnC appear in it, and this is one of them with the English text written in...
-Ayashi no Ceres Drinking Game! <--great for parties!!

Ayashi no Ceres Gaiden Translation (a short sequel (one episode long) was released in an issue of Shocomi magazine, but to my knowledge was never released officially in English.)

I have been immortalized!

Yep, my friend and I were drawn by Watase Yuu in the back freetalk in Ayashi no Ceres volume 8. here's a pic:

and here is a pic of me and Éd with the Holy One at AX'00!! the person who took this picture cut our heads off, but it's a nice pic of the Holy One! (we gave her the "he-no-he-no-mo-he" mask she's wearing ^_^.) the one behind her on her left in a Yusura [see Appare Jipangu!] costume is me, and the one in a tank top on her right is my high school best friend.