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TheGanz,backslide @ post office

March 30th-
*~Self-proclaimed professional rollerbladers Jordan Daly (no not Dale) and Josh Ganz got a sneak peak of the upcoming Louisville Extreme Park. If you live in the area and want to check it out you are allowed on the site now so long as the construction crew is there but you are not allowed inside the railing circling the park. After speaking with the man in overseeing the project and the architectural designer of the park they realized they needed some feedback from some quality rollerbladers, who else aside from Jordan and Josh. We were allowed to skate the park for about an hour along with a few local pro skateboarders to see what the facility was like and to give input as towhat was good and what wasn't. As of right now all the coping is pretty sticky (due to grit still being left on it from dealing with concrete) but that will soon change once it is open to the public. The setup of the park was pretty good, it's got bowls of all shapes and depths along with a "street" area with launch boxes, gring boxes, rails and ledges. The full pipe was basically impossible to skate but was kinda fun for a minute or two. For more info check out or you can wait till is finally up to see pics and whatnot of the completed park. The grand opening will be next friday April 5th. Everyone should come down and check it out.
March 7th-
*~Great news, we've got another addition to the Symptom Apparel Extreme Fruitbootin Team. We are very proud to let you guys know that Blake Sandifur is a proud recipient of Symptom Love. Blake has a profile in the upcoming video Greyscale so be on the look our for that. You can check out a teaser for it on
*~We've noticed that all the best teams have names (ie: USD's "The Stretch Crew", Mindgame's "The Sum")so we're looking for a name for our team...if you've got any ideas email them to We will prolly use the one we like the most and you might even end up with a free Tshirt or something...ya never know.
March 4th-
*~Mark enters his teens on the 7th of March. Everyone should email him as soon as we get it up.

FEB. 28th-
*~After Months of rigorous training and endurance testing Symptom Apparel feels that twelve year old Mark Wojda (pronounced Woda, like yoda's little brother or something...) is finally ready for the extreme conditions of being on Symptom Apparel's "Extreme Fruitbootin' Team." For those present at the last Bittercold Street spot you know that this kid has talent and will be one to watch out for as soon as he grows up. Congratulations Mark...Make us Proud!!!
*~We have talked with Lee and he seems to be doing really well, he has been rolling around on flat ground in the past couple of days and will hopefully soon be back to doing switch backside backslides for Wes Driver to photograph. Lee is still currently on our team and hopefully will be for a long time...once again, get well soon Lee!
*~Chris Nevitt has been picked up as a co-owner of Symptom Apparel. He's been providing tons of insight and ideas in the past few weeks as a company owner. In all actuality Chris has been providing great ideas and help ever since we started way back in dec. of 2000ad.
*~We have been setting up email addresses for ourselves while working on the design of Here's the list so far...
  • - Josh Ganz
  • - Christopher Nevitt
  • - Alex Mera
  • - Sean O'neil
  • - Sean Callahan
  • - Lee Strader
  • Marks will be but is not up yet...
  • Blakes is coming soon...
    FEB. 25th-
    *~We are now totally restructuring our team starting with Sean Callahan. Lee Strader has been in a serious accident and at the current time is not able to skate. We wish Lee the best of luck and to get well as soon as possible. We will soon be discussing with him his desires and status with Symptom Apparel.
    *~The Bitter Cold Showdown was a huge success, as we are already having to reorder hats, beanies, and XL sizes of most of our designs...
    *~We have purchased along with 200mb of webspace. We are currently working on the design right now. It should be ready for the public by early March. You can check out the temporary site now, for some useful information.
    *~We now have Symptom Flex-Fit hats and Symptom Beanies. These will be unveiled at the BitterColdShowDown in Elkhart Indiana Feb. 24th during the tradeshow portion of the event.
    *~Sean Callahan is our most recent addition to the team. His has filled the spot that Garret Slobey left open in early december. Sean has always been a great friend and rollerblader and we would like to show him our appreciation. We think Sean is the missing piece to the Symptom puzzle.
    *~Hellbellies now has our newest T-shirts. You can check them out in the link below.
    *~You can check out Symptom products and team rollers in ads featured in these video's and magazines
  • Superheros of the Underworld video by Jamil Roberts
  • Poetry in Motion video by Chris Majette
  • Bridging the Gap video by Chris Acosta
  • Movementek video By Tri Rudolf
  • Heart video by Chris Majette
  • AnyGivenDay Magazine
  • Rejects Magazine

    Shops Carrying Symptom

    Be sure to check out the Monsters of Roll 2002 tour (click on the image below for a link to thier website) Symptom Apparel will be in Elkhart Indiana at the first Am stop of the tour to give a showcase of product and for you to find out a little bit more about us. click here to see josh's flier advertising the Bittercoldshowdown II. Keep in mind this is his first attempt at using the program Freehand, and he has no instructions.