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Seattle Rob's Transit Trips

Seattle Trolleys

Seattle is a great city full of wonderful stores neighbourhoods and more great views than anywhere else in North America. Sadly I only had the better part of two days to spend there trying to see as much of tourist Seattle as I could while maximising trolley riding.

The bus tunnel was certainly very impressive - with high capacity, smooth running trolleys swallowing up the crowds for trips to destinations throughout Seattle and area. The stations were far more elegant than I'd counted on from the term "tunnel" - hopefully light rail will be down there one day to join the dual mode buses.

The Waterfront Streetcar - the precurser of other Heritage Tram lines was also a great ride. The Melbourne trams are elegant inside and out and kept looking great. It was nice to see that even on a cold March day, there were several people riding these cars. Apparently in the summer they are sometimes crammed to the doors.

The trolley coach system was worth the trip itself. I happened to come at a good time, when a few of the rebodied Gilligs were in service, but mostly it was still the AM Generals out there. I had the opportunity to ride up to Queen Anne and out to Interlakken - both elegant neighbourhoods with cliff like climbs to get there. Even now there are not enough trolleys to make the runs and some diesel buses have to be used during rush hours.

Finally I would like to thank the operators and supervisors from Atlantic Base who were kind enough to bring me in, show me around and let me take pictures. That was defintely a trip highlight for me. Click on the photos to enlarge.

Breda dual mode 5205 pulls into a crowded Pioneer Square station. It was a joy to be in the clean and attractive stations.

MAN artic 4005 pauses in front of Nordstrom's Department stroe - a Seattle original. The blocks surrounding this corner of Pine and 5th make up the heart of Seattle's vital downtown shopping distict.

Coach 995 stops in front of the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) on 1st Avenue at University on route 12 duty

At the end of 19th Av, the 2 line does a U turn in front of Interlaken Park. This shot does not really do justice to the pretty scene.

At Atlantic Base, a line of AMGs wait for rush hour service. A few of the coaches that have come back from their Gillig facelifts wait in the background.

Since my trip to Seattle in March 2002, the AMG era has ended, or at least the service era. 1008 has been repainted and will be kept as a historic vehicle. This great shot of the AMG leading the Brill on a fan trip is from the Wally Young collection. Date July 28, 2003.

The Gillig - Kiepe is now the king of the road. 4134 is seen here on route 36 duty. Photo from the collection of Wally Young. July 18, 2003

Ex-Melbourne tram 605 waits on Main at 4th - the temporary terminus for the line. The building that is under construction behind the tram, has taken over the tracks that wind around the corner towards South Jackson St.

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