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36 Elmwood Ave

36 Eastwick via Elmwood

9016 is southbound on 49th street. This bridge is in such poor structural condition that trolleys are not allowed to pass here.

Incoming! 9104 on the Island Av right of way - June 2001.

9017 climbs the hill at Greys and Linberg. Looks like it's time for track replacement. Arpil 10, 2002

Twilight at 80 - Eastwick loop. 9081 waits for time - June 2001.

Eastwick loop by day. 9057 is the first of three cars waiting to depart. June 2001

Night shots of the K cars are relatively uncommon as the street lights in SW Phila are not very bright and the store fronts are mostly dark. This is not a great shot, but it's the best I've got. This car is on 41st at Spruce during a subway closure on April 6, 2002.

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