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79 Snyder Ave

79 Snyder Ave

815 lays over on Snyder at Weccacoe at the east end of the route. Efforts have been made to revitalise the waterfront, but the industrial past is still very eveident here. On the other side of the RR tracks, big box commercial stores have sprung up.

828 prepares to cross the trolley tracks at 12th street westbound. These were the tracks of the 23 Germantown trolley that will probably be bused forever unfortunately. In the enlargement it is easier to see the short turn track that leaves 12th St for Snyder Av.

818 passes in front of perhaps the second most famous Phila eatery. While retro themed diners like Johnny Rockets and Nickels have sprung up to cash in on '50s nostalgia - the Melrose Diner was here all along. Great value too if you don't mind sharing a booth.

820 is Eastbound at Broad st, the main transfer point on the route. The Broad Street subway and the many retail stores on or near Broad street draw most arriving passengers off the bus and provide a good amount of new riders heading home along Snyder. Around the corner, on Broad Street just south of Snyder pizza perfection can be found at La Rosa Pizza.

815 picks up passengers at 23rd street. The maze of overhead is for the wires that lead to Southern Depot.

Nearing the west end on street loop at Snyder and 29th, 820 pauses behind this abandoned auto wreck. There was no frantic driver to be found and no evidence that the accident happened in the immediate hours before the photo was taken. At least there was one new customer for the Trackless Trolleys.

823 lays over at Snyder, past 29th pointed eastbound, while 824 uses the passing wires to zip by en route to Southern Depot at the west end on street loop at 29th street.

815 is southbound on 21st street at Ritner using the "depot wires" to return to Southern Depot. This part of South Phila, called Girard Estates is extremely prosperous and elegant.

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