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75 Wyoming Ave

75 Wyoming Ave

816 rolls through the intersection at Arrott and Leiper having just left Arrott terminal. October 2009.

858 speeds down Orthodox Av at Leiper St. This slightly eleveated view was taken from a park on the north side of the street that is apporximately 10 feet above street level. The trackless trolleys shared this quiet street with the 89 diesels.

A very attractive historic residence provides the backdrop at Wyoming and Ramona. October 2010

888 is eastbound on Wyoming Avenue at G street. This is an "Instruction Coach". Interesting that mere weeks before the trackless trolleys were to be removed from Wyoming Avenue rookies were still learning how to operate them.

803 stops in front of an abandoned factory at Wyoming and Weymouth. October 2010

808 truns from Roosevelt Blvd to Wyoming Av

A view from the Logan Triangle. 858 passes a SEPTA supervisor's truck at Wyoming and 8th street. This whole area was once a densely populated row house neighbourhood. The sad tale of it's demise has become a nasty symbol of Philadelphia's problems. To read more on the Logan Triangle visit Philadelphia Trolley Tracks Trackless Trolley Page

856 is approaching Broad Street on Wyoming Avenue. This is the major transfer point for 75 riders as they head to the low and medium density areas to either side of Broad St. The ridership on this line is extremely low making it the least viable of SEPTA's five trackless trolley lines.

New Flyer unit 815 is captured on Wingahocking at 9th in Nicetown.

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