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66 Frankford Ave

66 Frankford Ave

812 is ready to load at Frankford Terminal. This shot, taken in January 2001 is unusual since the pictured TT still has its original grey trim around the windows. Every other TT I saw had the grey replaced with white.

892 pokes out from under the Frankford elevated structure circa April 2002. This el structure only lasted a few more months before it was replaced.

805 is in almost exactly the same spot as 892 seen above. Oct 2010

A late night view of 802 in OWL service at Frankford Transportation Center. Oct 2009.

New Flyer 803 is inbound at Unruh. The "express" and "local" wires run only as far north as Cottman now.

New Flyer 809 southbound at Wellington.

New Flyer 831 merges on to the express wire at Englewood, just south of Cottman. As of November 2009, there were 9 northbound and 15 southbound express trips scheduled every weekday between 4 and 7:30 pm.

891 is inbound at Oakmont. There are a few stores that were straight out of 1960s suburbia and Shelley's Pharmacy is certainly one of them.

Inbound at Solly st, a TT passes under a RR bridge. I was hoping to get a train on this nice trestle bridge to complete the picture, but I wasn't sure how often trains passed so I moved on.

A side profile of an outbound TT crossing Pennypack Creek. The stone bridge that can be seen between the front of the TT and the on coming car is part of the "Kings Highway" from Philadelphia to New York and is said to be the oldest stone bridge in the US.

New Flyer 809 lays over in Gregg Loop. This property can be seen without the overhead on Google Earth.
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