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59 Castor Ave

59 Castor Ave

823 is inbound at Dyre St. Oct 2009.

867 speeds by Frankford High School on Oxford St at Saul St, a short distance from the el. This impressive structure is one of many marvelous buildings that can be seen from the windows of the 59 buses.

861 swings around Oxford Circle en route to Arrott terminal. Unlike Castor Circle on the 75 line, there are no switches here to allow the 59 coaches to short turn or to go around the round about endlessly.

896 is seen here in front of some grand looking homes at Oxford and Large St.

On a plesant June day, 867 is seen northbound on Castor Av at Solly. Notice one of the windows is open. Air conditioning was not installed on most of the Trackless Trolleys.

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