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29 Tasker Morris

29 Tasker Morris

845 is seen here on Front street, the layover point at the eastern end of the 29 during a period of light snow. Some new development is creeping into this area as the industrial waterfront undergoes redevelopment. Despite the allure of the new Walmart, this route thrives on students and has the best service before and after school whilst having headways of 20 minutes on Saturdays and 30 on Sundays with even less service at night. The trackless units in South Philly were given weekends off so the 29 ran diesels nights and weekends.

845 turns from Front to Tasker to start its westbound trip. Del's steaks - the quintessential South Phila eatery can be seen in the background.

The 29 is quite the interesting ride as both Tasker and Morris are largely residential one way streets with parking on both sides of the TT's path. Here, 834 meets the car tracks from the 23 line. Sadly this intersection now has unsed overhead on both streets.

842 is westbound on Tasker St at 25th. The viaduct above is a former PRR rail spur to serve neighbourhood industries. Apparently there are still some freight trains that use these rails, but there are no passenger trains here.

Money shot! Two 29 trackless units meet at 32nd and Tasker. 811 loads Audenreid Jr High students southbound on 32nd while 820 pauses at a stop sign before proceeding one more block west and then one block north to 33rd and Dickinson Loop. This coach is mistakenly signed for the 79 route.

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