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A word on volume one by the author//////////////////////////////////

The fifteen main pages of Sport Volume One and the countless auxiliary images and strips that accompany it were produced by me probably in a series of unfocused spurts… in the twilight months of the year of our lord two-thousand, possibly///////// the direction and tone of the narrative, not to mention the artwork, constantly fluxing about like a speed-addled roadrunner melting under the desert sun////////// for the bulk of it, there was some idea in the far flung reaches of the cosmos about some hilariously tragic gothic romance story… truly tragic yet truly hilarious… Piano would die, that’s for sure… probably in sport’s basement, neglected in every sense of the word… I had many endings all mapped out, one a day… but I was lazy and none of the ideas met up to that virtually unattainable level of mad energy that ideas require for me to muster the energy to transfer them to the physical plane… yet I was hung up on the idea of piano dying… that’s where it all must lead, first a weird romance with her and sport, then her death, and sport’s ambivalent reaction. And maybe she could come back as a ghost! Great idea, boy… as soon as class is over, we’ll commit it to paper! How glorious it will be!

Needless to say, the story was never resolved, because I came to the (now) obvious realization that I hate to write or read about things like romance…. Tragic or not…. Weird or not…. Even I could not make the story weird or tragic enough to be sufficiently palatable for me to do it.

So, what exists as volume one today is in actuality, purely the result of on utterly failed attempt at legitimate narrative structure and story elements. I was insane to think I could write or draw anything approaching something having to do with human emotions… however twisted my vision may have been.

Why, then, you ask, have you put up what you admit to be a failure? To that I would reply, shut up. It may have been a failure at its ostensible goal, but taken as a whole, it stands as a success in all of its failure… and it’s not without its moments of sheer brilliance… so read it as a whole, jerkaholics! Pay the price…. Listen, I’m starting to get my act together with volume two~

Lester smiley


October 16 2001