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In the last twelve to twenty-four hours, I’ve bought two singles that I’ve wanted for a while. The first I got at Camelot on Friday night. It was the domestic edition of the new Radiohead single “Knives out”. It featured the unreleased “Cuttooth” and a different version of “Life in a glass house” that is basically the exact same, but with a little more trumpeting at the start. It also had the video of “Pyramid Song” for the CD Rom drive. The video was… not that great, to be honest. I also don’t really like the song either. Cuttooth is a nice little song, much better than “Knives Out” anyway, the worst song on Amnesiac and somehow the second single (Pyramid Song, another lesser song, being the first single… but it had four really great b-sides). What is up with Radiohead releasing their worst songs in years as singles? They should have released “I Might Be Wrong” as the first one, and then “Packt”. Yeah… they’re both commercially viable songs, I think.

The other single I got was from Mammoth music on Saturday Morining. It was Chicks On Speed, Chix 52. It has four songs… three twisted B-52’s covers and one original called Chixmachine. It was a lot better than the Radiohead single. I recommend you all buy it.

So in conclusion, Chix 52 is better than Knives out. So long, suckers!!!!!!!!