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SAD MACHINES- Smashing Pumpkins mix tape



To all those who doubt my ability to make the GREATEST SMASHING PUMPKINS MIX TAPE OF ALL TIME, look upon this and know your impending demise. For today, in the year of Our Lord two-thousand-and-one, on the thirtieth day of September, I, Lester Smiley, have made the tape to end all tapes. I have included my list for the mix, and some blurry pictures of the stickers I made for the tape. Make no mistake, the quality of the pictures is for your own benefit, for to look on the glorious stickers straight on with no distortion would surely mean instant madness or death, so glorious are they.

The name of the mix is “Sad Machines”. This is part of the grand continuity of the track list, whose intricacies have their roots in the ancient mystic Mathamatiks of the Druids, and are far too complex to go in to here. These arcane principles are applied to the music of the Pumpkins to enhance the listening experience in ways even I have trouble fully comprehending. You may notice the last two tracks on each side are the same, but different versions. This is indicative of the thematic progression of the sequence. Also, precise timing was used to make it so the end of the side corresponds almost perfectly with the end of the last song on the side.


Lester Smiley

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