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Newspaper Rejects!

Welcome to my section of unpublished material… or sort of published material. You see, I used to write for a little publication known to the public at large as "Good Times: A Journal of Weekend Pass-the-times and Lawdy-Lawdy good viddles" or "Section 8" or whatever. Anyway, to make a long and boring story short, Homey don't play dat. So in the intrest of keepin' it real, I'm now gracing the pages of "Student Follies & Light-Hearted Jest" the Newspaper of UAA, also known as "The Northern Light" with my mad verses and off-da-hook musings. WORD!

So if any of my homies want to set their gaze on some old-skool rhymes here's the old section of Newspaper rejects... OUT! Look upon my works, ye mortals, and tremble.

Fridge Buzz: A long essay that got cut to like half the length.
My first thing published in the ADN. A review of a Tom Green movie.
My famous Beatles Column. See the uncut version.
The lame punk show and raves rant. The only thing remarkable about this one is that they left in the extended metaphor about diarrhea.
*new* a review of the movie Serendipity...
*new* a review of the movie Monsters Inc...