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I had a whole bunck of stuff written, but then the stupid computer decided to not work and erase it all, so this is all you get.

Some of this page is still being worked on, but the FAQ, Who the phuck are we? Journals, Write your congressperson, and Other phunnies sections all have some stuff for your viewing torture... opps I mean pleasure! pleasure! ::lisa walks off mumbling about exposing the plan and hitting herself on the forehead.:: questbook signatures are great :) Also, if you've done any of this sort of thing, we'd love to exploit you!! Let us know!!
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Last updated: 10.19.02 (no more palindrome)

Phunny Stuff

Random Item- Why are there wedding decorations on that cow?
Surveys- Would you try this product?
Write Your Congressperson- Don't let these laws pass!
What the phuck are you doing?!-
Mall Sports- I bet I can hoola hoop longer than you
Can you eat that in a minute- No explanation needed
Other Phunnies- Links and random jokes
Who the phuck are we?
Journal- Read about our best and worst experiences