Univesity Weirdness
by Steel-Angel-From-Hell (101)

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PLOT: A newly-Saiyan Usagi and a re-teenaged Goku end up as university roommates. Weirdness ensues.
LENGTH: 3,053 words

COMMENTS: It goes without saying that no Sailor Moon collection is complete without at least one Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z crossover mentioned - after all, both of these animes had a dub that premiered in 1995, and are thus conjoined at the hip in the mind of many anime fans. Badfiction is no exception - there are plenty of terrible Sailor Moon/DBZ stories out there that could warrant being on this site, and no doubt in the future there will be more than just this fanfic. So, why start out with this story?

The answer begins with the title, which the author couldn't even spell properly. This sets the tone for the rest of the story - it should be no surprise that misspellings are a-plenty in this story. Then there's the "plot", which is so flimsy it makes tinfoil look like a plate of steel in comparison - something about Usagi and Goku possibly having an incestuous relationship after they break up with their respective lovers due to a completely OOC gesture by aforementioned lovers, while Usagi freaks out about her Saiyan tail and about how she and Rei are rooming with a vegetable. Or something like that - it was hard to follow because it made absolutely no sense, which was the problem. Then again, it could also be that I'm relatively sane and wasn't on any drugs during my reading of this, er "story", so that might actually be the problem.

Probably the most unfortunate thing about this story is that I have the gut feeling that this is not the worst that the Sailor Moon/DBZ fandom can offer. Seriously, Dragon Ball Z fanfiction has Until the End of Time and we have The Test, and of course there's the Seven Balls doujinshi. So it's not much of a stretch to think that somewhere out there, there's a fanfic about Chibi-Usa, Vegeta and giant Namek balls.....

.....You know what, I'm just going to leave that one to your imagination. Because I sure as heck don't want to know about it.

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