Virgin Warrior Sailor Moon
by Umino

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PLOT: After Shingo steals a pair of Usagi's favorite panties, Usagi decides to get revenge. She calls up her friends and practices what could be called rough justices....Sailor Senshi style...
LENGTH: 2369 words
RATING: NC-17/Hentai

COMMENTS: ....Well. Talk about total perversion.

To start the story off, the author rants and raves about the dub. About how horrible it is, how it is a shadow of the original story, how true fans stay faithful to the story, how he will stay faithful to the original with his writing. Then, after declaring his name as Umino (not Melvin), he writes a story....about incest, child gang rape, masturbation and sex changing. Which, as we all know, was integral to the original Sailor Moon, because it's all about the love!

Seriously, there is just so many things wrong with this fanfiction, it isn't even funny. The author claims knowledge of Shinto practices, but as far as I can discern, there's not such "ritual" as he writes about, and I'm quite sure it is not customary for miko to not wear underwear. He claims he won't touch Chibi-Usa because she's too "old" and immediately has her shacking up with Mamoru. We also have Sailor Moon and her friends transforming in front of her brother, whereupon he ends up masturbating for them (the results of which Rei - you know, the Shinto priestess who hates men? - proceeds to eat).

All of which culminates in a disgusting scene where Minako and Rei proceed to have oral sex with him, while Usagi jacks off with her sceptre, before transforming into a hermaphrodite (with a penis larger than Mamoru's incidentally) and raping her brother repeatedly. Then, after all of this, Usagi and Shingo proceed home, where we learn that Luna used to pleasure Usagi to give her an orgasm. But not anymore!

....Did this man write anything else, as he promised he would? Please say he didn't. If he did, then I will gladly take a very long walk off a very short pier. Anything to escape this horrible excuse of a fanfic - and whatever else he may have subsequently written.

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