Tsuki no Usagi
by Yasraena

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PLOT:A re-write of the story we all know and love....the difference being that Usagi has a much more colorful vocabulary than before.
LENGTH: 5501 words

COMMENTS: Aah, Usagi, what a strong character. What a unique character, a paragon of light. And what language that comes out of thy mouth. The ears burn at the F-word!

Ok, it's fair to say that other fanfictions have had Usagi swear quite a bit, but this is probably one of the few where she not only swears a lot and is also apparently schizophrenic - cussing at aforementioned voices like a gangsta. Throughout this, the first episode of what has been promised to be a series with future lemon chapters (hoo boy...) several different voices talk to her, and she ends up talking out loud to them, and when admonished for it by real people, she merely hurls more expletives. It's not amusing or cool at all, despite what the author might think. It only makes it stupid.

Indeed, this really seems to be an excuse by the author to turn a popular series into "his/her" idea of a good story, disregarding canonical conventions totally, as this is not the only story he/she has on here. (In fact, both stories on there have eerily similar schizophernic voices and cussing) Unfortunately for him/her, he not only neglects the one thing that makes Usagi such a wonderful character to begin with - her kindness and devotion to others - he/she makes it pretty clear in his author's that he enjoys doing it, and is ready to punish anyone who disagrees with him/her von how he/she writes his/her stories. That is not how a writer should write their fanfiction. Sadly, authors like this are not the exception.

The one saving grace for anyone who ventures to read this story - trust me, you should get ready, this is a pretty bad re-imagining - is that there doesn't seem to be an update in the near future. Or, there apparently is, but hopefully, it won't come up. Because judging by what came out in the first chapter, and what is being promised in future chapters, it's a guarantee it won't be pretty.

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