Torn Apart
unknown author

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PLOT: Usagi is abandoned by her friends and family after a tragic accident. What will happen now? What will happen now that Usagi has nothing left?
LENGTH: 1128 words

COMMENTS: Another anonymous author, another Usagi angst story. Sheesh, it's like all of the anonymous authors want to kill Usagi off by having her kill herself.

....Oops, did I just ruin the story? Silly me. Not that it would have mattered much as, apparently, the fact that Usagi does herself in a result of the fact that Mamoru is a big old jerk. You know, the one who broke up wth her during the anime (and this fic, by virtue of having the star locket, takes place in the anime) and who clearly hates her. Indeed, the author reveals in his/her notes that he/she hates Mamoru because Mamoru, in his/her view, treats Usagi badly.

So what causes Usagi to go off the deep end this time? Well, while trying to get Rubeus she accidentally killed Chibi-Usa, her beloved "little spore" (how beloved could she be if you called her that?) and Mamoru breaks up with her forever. So Usagi goes back and tries to reason with him that it was truly an accident and he saw it with his own eyes, right? Of course not; that would be sensible and IC. So instead, she finds her father's revolver and, after writing a note, shoots herself in the mouth.

...Now, leaving aside the obvious, logical questions about Usagi's grief process, and other things (Like "How does one talk with half their mouth blown off?" or, in terms of attack mechanics, "How does Moon Princess Halation, an attack that is shown in the R movie as a beam going in a straight line, aimed at a six-foot-tall man, fly right past the side of his head and hit someone standing behind him who is one third his size?") what caught my attention was, of course, the gun. Japanese law bans the private ownership of guns unless a person is a police officer. And Kenji sure as heck isn't a police officerr. Unless he has something he would care to tell the readers...(especially after they find his daughter's dead body gushing blood everywhere)?

So, yes, avoid this fanfic if you can. Believe me, you don't get much bang for your buck fro-*suddenly shot in the head by a bullet, and falls down dead*

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