Spin the Bottle
by Princess Destiny

Book 1
Book 2
Book 3

PLOT: A seemingly harmless game of Spin the Bottle transforms into a universal struggle to save all time and space from an unspeakable evil. Why is the timeline collapsing? What can be done to save it? And will Usagi and Mamoru keep their hands off each other long enough to solve the mystery?
NEW CHARACTERS: None (unless you count giving Ami's mother a name "new")
LENGTH: 130939 words (Book 1: 76520 words; Book 2: 20660; Book 3: 33759)
RATING: PG-13-NC-17; varies by chapter

COMMENTS: Well, I'm note sure what to say about this story that hasn't been said before - unlike a lot of the stories on this website, there's little danger of it never being seen again, hence the outside links. These are for reasons regarding the author's own egotism, which has helped aided the infamy of this story. But many of you may have already known that.

Yes, it is one of the most oft-mocked stories in the Sailor Moon fandom, and, for many reasons which become obvious when reading it, rightfully so. Yes, the behavior of this author and her more devoted fans in particular has resulted in her being kicked off of nearly every major fanfic website. Yes, the events of this story all stem from a game of Spin the Bottle. And yes, none of it makes any sense whatsoever no matter how you try to approach it, particularly after the first chapter. Yes, this is that story that no doubt many badifc observers have warned you about.

It's hard to know where to begin with this one, because for everything I list here, there is so much more in the story that makes me - and no others as well - want to hit the back button. This story has many, many plot holes (such as how Mamoru could buy a mansion that quickly), we have rampant OOCness, a complete disregard for canon (Yes, despite all appearances, this all takes place during an entire week in the first season!) borderline porn (but not too much, because of the kidsies!), pairing for the sake of pairing, an insta-pregnancy that takes less than an hour to complete (I won't tell you who gives birth to who...it's....very...), implied schizophrenia (i.e. a two souls/one body thing which really makes little sense), a lot of bracketed dialogue (because it's for the "inner voicing") and...well, that's it. Honestly. Dragging romance, nonsensical plot points, the entire gang living in a Real World-esque setting - that's all this story is about. People seem to love it like the second coming (or the author edits people's comments to make it look like they love it - she has done it before, after all...) and it never ends. Which makes it all the more unreadable because, according to the author, it's not even half-way finished.

...Honestly, though, nothing I can say will really make this story better (or condone the author's actions, which are in itself irreversibly intertwined with the making of this story), or for that matter, anything else I say will detract from the hilarity of it. It was hard enough to get through it all one time, and I am not really up for doing it again. So go ahead. Read it. But be prepared to hit the back button if you can't bear it anymore. And don't say I didn't warn you.

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