Making Kousagi Cry

Sailor Moon
By DJ Silence Yuy

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PLOT: Atemu Yami is a normal teenaged boy, a crybaby and a klutz. Then, one day, Atemu meets a cat that will change his life forever...A Sailor Moon Yugioh mashup.
NEW CHARACTERS: N/A sans the Yugioh cast
LENGTH: 7706 words

COMMENTS: For those who are not aware of what a mashup is, a mashup is when you take two different concepts and combine them to make a different - yet similar - concept. It's a little like a crossover, but with one major difference in fanfiction, especially badfiction - it usually involves blatant plagarism so that a character from Fandom 1 = another character from Fandom 2. Hence, I will admit, I am not a fan of mashups because of the complete and utter lack of originality - which reflects very, very badly on the author. This, alongside The Adventures of Usagi Tsukino, is a prime example of mashing up, only reversed. And in this case, only all but one of the major roles of the Sailor Moon series have been usurped by....the cast of Yugioh.

And it's quite the badly-done mash-up. While Yugi Motou, Yugioh's main protagonist and someone who is generally able to take care of himself, takes Naru Osaka's place as the Juuban Youma Magnet, the role of ditzy, lazy Usagi Tsukino has been usurped by....Yami no Yugi, aka the Nameless Pharoah. Now, having recently gotten into the Yugioh fandom myself, one of the very first things I learned is how serious (and sometimes psychotic) Mr. Pharoah can be. Somehow having him use the Puzzle to transform into a sailor skirt-wearing girl on top of destroying his characterization and turning him him into what some might call a "weebawoo" isn't exactly my idea of a mashup well done. Having him whine entire lines of dialogue straight from the original anime, doesn't help the author, or the story, much either.

The one saving grace of this story is the fact that Shingo was left untouched, though apparently his place was supposed to be "taken" by Otogi. But given that Shingo tends to be either overlooked or turned into something he isn't in badfic, it's still nice to see - even in unoriginal form - that Shingo was remembered and given a small, somewhat in-character role in an otherwise massive out-of-character character crossover.

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