The Adventures of the Sailor Smurfs
by Smurfy Sailor

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PLOT: The sailor soldiers get turned into smurfs and get chased by Gargamel. That's all. No....seriously. That's the plot.
LENGTH:1279 words

COMMENTS: One very famous commentator on Sailor Moon fanfiction (and they know who they are) once said that the only thing that could be crossed with Sailor Moon was Highlander. I, of course, am inclined to disagree, being a crossover writer myself. I believe it is possible to crossover plenty of things with Sailor Moon, so long as you have a good way of doing it without turning it into either an excuse to romantically pair all of the characters together (which is the biggest reason people tend to do crossovers) or a reason to prove the supposed superiority of one canon over another (Sailor Moon doesn't stand a chance against OVER 9000! What 9000!?). In other words, the crossover has to be plausible for both canons or no one is going to believe you.

Then there's....this fanfic, which could go into a third category - tramorgification. (Thank you, Bill Watterson.) Basically, you're turning one character into something else from another species or universe - in this case, turning someone from one fandom into a species or magical race from another. (Think Sailor Goku or Usagi discovering she's a Saiyajin). It can be done well, but only if it's done carefully. And with that in mind, it's easy to see the plot of this fanfic is anything but careful - the senshi turn into Smurfs and are teleported to the Smurf universe where they are chased by Gargame and his catl. And because the writer is more of a rabid Smurf fan than I am a Sailor Moon fan (seriously, with a name like that how is she not?) various characters say 'smurf'. A lot. And Darien decides to cheat on Serena with Andrew's sister Elizabeth.

The implausibility of Darien having an affair with Elizabeth (of all people to have it with), the complete inaneness of the plot (what works with Smurfs does not work with Sailor Moon as a Smurf) the OOCness of the characters (such as it is) and the bad dub quotes (don't ask) aside, I have several other questions about this fanfic. First off, why Smurfs? Secondly, what is with the links to the badly photoshopped blue-skinned sailor soldiers, because I don't need visuals of this? And thirdly, WHAT is with the author's obsession of cramming as many 'smurfs' into once sentence as possible? I mean, if I smurfing did that to all the sentences and smurfs I smurfed on my smurfing reviews, that would look smufidiculous, don't you think? I' be pretty smurfed to pull that kind of smurf.

Right? You bet your smurf I am!

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