The Serene Stories
By Serene

Where Oh Where Has My Serena Gone
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All I Want For Christmas is My Serena
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PLOT: Serene is a frightened little orphan who learns of an amazing secret: she is the younger sister of Darien, the great Tuxedo Mask. Now, she must discover her true powers and save Darien's love, Serena, from the jaws of death itself...
NEW CHARACTERS: Serene aka Sailor Sun; The Antiverse: Lord Aries, Dracko, Scar, Tarteris, Satin; Mr. Skipsit
LENGTH: 12944 words (Where); 11104 words (Christmas)

COMMENTS: Well, this may be the only Sailor Sun in the gallery (so far), and, like most invincible Sailor Suns/Earths/Terras/whatevers, she is Darien's sister (what ones aren't?) However, I think its safe to say this is probably one of the more....shall we say interesting one's I've come across (and I say the term rather loosely).

I say interesting because this is, by far, the most incoherent one I've come across. We have tons of OOCness, we have made-up names for the outer scouts (honestly, couldn't you have used something other than Holly for Saturn or Erica for Haruka/Amara?), we have a really bad make-out scene at the end of the story (I'd rather not talk about it...), we have a Sue who seems destined to replace Serena at any moment (with a name like Selene, it's hard to not get them confused) and we have the author denying that her Sue is anything like her (Somehow, given the ratio of Sues based on their respective authors, I highly doubt it). We have the "Antiverse" and an enemy only the Sue can properly defeat, as well as an evil Serena which is not done well at all.

Then there's the spelling errors. The spelling errors set this apart from almost every other high-powered proxy I've seen (Oscar excepted, but to give him credit, at least you had some notion of what was going on). I never knew that difficult words like "satin" and "mohawk", "crystal", or "so" could be spelled wrong in so many different ways, or that "Bye" becomes "Buy", or that Mars had an attack called "Fire Sole". I know I've made some spelling mistakes in my fanfiction, It is clear that the author used no spellcheck whatsoever.

It is clear that the author intended for a sequel, since the main bad guy wasn't dead. But somehow it never got off the ground. It was probably due to the author's restrictions on her computer time, which indicates someone who was probably relatively young when she was writing. It may have been a blessing that she stopped - perhaps she's come back to the fandom now that she's olde, and (hopefully) a better writer, thus erasing the memories of these stories from our minds. It would be a nice thought. But we'll probably never know.

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