Mercury's Lost Sanity
by Desi-chan

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PLOT: When the Sailor Scouts insult Ami one too many times, Ami snaps. Now she's out for vengeance against them far will she go to get it?
LENGTH: 1702 words

COMMENTS: Ami Mizuno is one of the more complex sailor soldiers, in my opinion. Quiet, shy, yet determined and loyal, it takes a great deal for Ami to want to turn against her own friends. In fact, it takes loads upon loads of power to do it, since Ami's mind has been shown to be very resilient. In the anime, a monster who specifically targets Ami ultimately fails because Mercury's mind overcomes the powerful brainwashing; in PGSM, it takes her being unconscious and a huge dose of direct power from Metallia to turn her into the dreaded "Akumi", Sailor Darkury (or Dark Mercury, for those not into fan-based names).

....Then you get to this story and you stare at it for a good ten minutes. You can't help but wonder when exactly this type of incident happened in the series, where we got the indication Mercury one day decided to cap every one of her friends off due to perceived slights and then get herself hauled off to the happy home. Then you remember. This would never happen. Nor would it happen in the way that it happened, if it ever did happen.

Aside from the obvious total mischaracterization of the inner soldiers - who have only ever worried about Ami when she overstudied, who only once unintentionally hurt Ami's feelings in the anime regarding her study habits (and of course she had been having doubts about herself, which she didn't tell the others about), and who also seem willfully stupid - and certainly of Ami - who didn't raise a fist when she was directly accused of cheating - as well as mixing of dub and original names, several other plot questions remain. If she had a problem with just the other inners and Serena, why did she kill Darien as well, who had nothing to do with the dispute? For that matter, why did she kill Greg, but not Luna or Artemis? How in the heck did she get so many bullets, let alone a gun, in Japan? How on Earth could she get off on seven murders when a motive could easily be established (jealous of her friends, friends talked about her, thinks she can do anything because she comes off cold-hearted)? Why did the judge sentence her as insane on just her word alone? And for all that is good and holy, why are they releasing her back into society?!

Speaking of which, can I say this is one of the worst endings I've ever read? "I'm normal now. Goodbye!" Yeah, I'd say John Chapman's pretty normal too. That's why he's still confined, and he only shot one person to death. Seriously, she killed all these people (and it was sort of obvious she killed them because, you know, they're the only people she ever hung out with) and they just let her go after a couple of months. The Japanese justice system must have some pretty damn stupid judges and policemen to let that happen. Either that, or the author just wrote this off the top of their head and put little to no effort in even explaining an efficient reason why they would let Ami out - let alone why her friends would suddenly talk behind her back, thus causing her to snap. Judging by the overall effort shown in this story, I'm inclined to think its the latter.

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