Making Kousagi Cry

Sailor's Lament
By The Otaku King

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PLOT: It's Serena's birthday, and she wants to find out what she's getting! So she decides to be naughty and sneak into her father's office by disguising herself...
NEW CHARACTERS: One mouse. Just one.
LENGTH: 2,018 words

COMMENTS: It's not often you find fanfic with Sailor Moon which contains an explicit paraphilia that is not pedophilia or sadomachoism - actually, it's almost never. The fact this example was on, of allplaces, Fanfiction.Net doesn't make this find any less amazing. Or insane, or gross. For those wondering what paraphilia is, it is basically being sexually stimulated by/jacking off to/having sex with something abnormal, such as underaged kids, animals, cars, feces,you name it. But in this case, we have vorarephilia - sexual arousal from being eaten. Alive.

Forget everything else in this fanfic. Forget the fact that both Serena and Luna are more out of character than need be, even for a dub-based fic. Forget the fact that Serena is dumb enough to turn into a mouse and not notice the giant mouse trap in front of her (especially since she still has her human intelligence!). Oh, and forget the fact that Serena gets raped by another mouse. No, seriously, I was certain that was the worst part of the story until I continued to read on, because mouse sex doesn't work like doggie-style rape for humans. But nooo. Then Luna eats Serena and her "mouse lover" (author's words, mind you) in rather graphic detail, all the way down to Serena's untimely stomach acid induced death inside Luna. Which, by the way, isn't how a cat's digestion or eating habits works. Or really any digestion or eating, for that matter. And then the dead Serena turns back to normal inside of Luna...

Yeah, not often you see specific fetish fanfics like that! Which is good, because the first time I read this story, I felt myself die a little inside. And dry heave just a little as well. It's on par with The Test in terms of creepiness, grossness, and the sheer do-not-want-to-read factor - unless, of course, you're into people eating your favorite cartoon character alive. Here's to hoping that this is the first - and last - Sailor Moon vorarephilia fanfic ever.

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