A Sailor Romance
by Sailor Ryo-Ohki

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Tokyo Nights: A Sailor Romance Mini Bite

PLOT: When a pregnant Serena is dumped by her boyfriend, Kazuya, and rejected by family and friends alike, she must turn to the one man she doesn't want to turn to....Darien Shields. A "hit" series.
NEW CHARACTERS: Kazuya, May, Denise "Sakura" Matsumoto aka Sailor Sun , Talim, Momoko Shields, Samantha, Yuki Asao aka Sailor Charon
LENGTH: 62173 words, 3253 words (Mini Bites)

COMMENTS: I'm not sure where to start on this one. Honestly. This has become a relatively infamous series due to the author's antics towards those who say anything bad about it - which has included quite a few people, mind you - and how she threatened to sue people. But then, it always begs the question as to what exactly is wrong with the series that makes it so reviled. So, what is wrong with this series?

Is it because it is a badly-mangled re-telling of the entire series? Is it the formatting, which swerves back and forth from being centered to being on the left and so on? Is it the cliched pregnancy plot? Is it the Southern belle/Sailor Sun/Sue/self-insert/Future re-named Space Channel reporter in the as-yet-reposted Galaxy Scout series character, Denise? Is it the kids Momoko and Talim, who is also known as Small Lady (despite not, you know, actually being Small Lady)? Is it the mashing together of elements between every universe and season which causes Luna to become completely out of character, even in human form? Is it the crappy characterization of the villains, like Kazuya and May, who have no real reason to be evil, or like Diamond, Ail and An, who become insta-good with little warning, (or how about the Dark Kingdom, who just disappear and are never heard from again after two chapters)? Is it the peudo-romantic plot we get in nearly every chapter? Maybe it's the way the author has author's notes and a forum which touts this as a "hit" series on par with, say, Dawn of Serenity or The Exiles? Or maybe it's just the ugly new suit Darien gets when he transforms with Serena?

The world may never know. It may never be narrowed down to one thing. But the story brought tears to my eyes, oh yes it did, tears of sheer agony. And they burned my face as they sizzled and bubbled down my cheeks,collecting the upper skin layer until my face looked like blistered pig fat, scarring me for life . So thank you, Sailor Ryo-Ohki. I'll be in the Burn Ward if you need to bitch at me.

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