Ami Mizuno: Sailor Maid
by Atlas

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PLOT: Ami Mizuno is asked to babysit Shingo. Unfortunately for her, Shingo has plans for the hot teenager, and putting her in a too-short maid skirt is only the beginning...
NEW CHARACTERS: Tenka, Kouji and Shinga; Usagi's creepy neighbor
LENGTH: 37292 words
RATING: Hentai

COMMENTS: Shingo Tsukino. Of the many characters in the fandom, this character is one of the few who tends to get overlooked by most writers in general - me included. And why not? His involvement in the story in general is limited and only becomes moreso as time goes on even though his sister is the main character - and in the Stars arc he disappears entirely. For those who are fans of him, however, there is a light of hope - a SuperS episode, Sparkling Summer Days! Ami, the Girl in the Ocean Breeze (aka episode 144), which establishes that Shingo's got a teeny crush on Ami Mizuno. Cue the Ami/Shingo shippers! Except maybe for this one.

Sailor Maid is probably one of the better examples of Shingo badfic I've ever seen, not only casting him as someone who has an amazing crush on Ami (and her breasts, of course) but transforming him into a sociopath and rapist (future rapist? No no, the future is now!), and because he's just that horny he forces Ami (who is supposed to be babysitting him while everyone else is on a trip, but that kind of gets lost in the ether by the end of chapter 2) to become his sexual slave while wearing a purposefully small maid skirt. It runs the gambit - from being forced to call Shingo 'Master' to carrying up and down the stairs, from giving him her virginity to giving Shingo and his friends blow jobs. You know, normal maid work (in a porn, of course. Let's not forget this is porn!) . And he manages to do it all at the tender age of eleven, and if you think that's bad, his friends are apparently experienced at it. And then there's the neighbor who blackmails her after he catches her masturbating and, of course, Kenji, who abandons his own daughter to the psycho eleven year old rapists so he can get some action with Ami...

Really, now. The very idea that eleven-year-olds can be experienced sexual predators is not a turn-on and anyone who says it is is clearly out of their mind. In fact, the thought that Shingo and Kenji want to have Ami not only says a lot about the OOCness of this fanfic (which is...disturbing) but also about the fact that this author doesn't know a single thing about Ami. Ami is just as willing to kick Shingo's butt as any youma's of he ever tried doing that to her, though of course she'd probably blush to the pount of turning purple. And then you've got Makoto being blackmailed by the creepy neighbor....the same Makoto that would just as soon bust in someone's kneecaps for making belittling or insulting her than, you know, service him. Yeeeeeah.

Thank goodness the author didn't continue this - Usagi was on her way to becoming the next helpless sex toy, because, you know, Usagi is apparently really stupid and doesn't know what sex is. The ritual humiliation of the sailor senshi in this fanfic is really nothing short of insulting and we really don't need the author to jack off at the expense of poor Shingo anymore, do we? He has enough problems as it is in fandom without being stereotyped as a psychotic, underaged sex fiend.

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