by Sailormoon5645

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PLOT: Darien gets into an accident and loses his memories of Serena. Can Serena rebuild her life even as she's forced to hide the truth from him, or will tragedy strike again?
NEW CHARACTERS: Nurse, doctor
LENGTH: 4731 words

COMMENTS: There's not too much that can really be said about this fanfic, as most of what can be said about Sailormoon5645's fanfiction has been said in several other places on this website. Almost all of her fanfics deal with the same thing, over and over again. As in, Boy meets girl, boy and girl have some strange insurmountable problems - usually involving an evil ex-girlfriend named Beryl, a prisy snob named "Ray" or an asshole from the Lifetime Movie Channel named Seiya - that could be fixed by some normal logic but isn't, boy and girl have several make-up sessions which invole making out at the least, and they all live happily ever after. The end!

This time it's LMC Seiya, who, instead of abusing and raping Serena, got drunk and crashed his car into Darien's, which results in Darien losing his memories of Serena down to the very first day of their relationship. Oh, the angst! Oh, the horror! Oh, the predictability of how this is going to end up, because how can Serena try and help Darien unless she hides the fact they were going to be engaged.....wait, what? Yeah, it doesn't make sense. Why would you hide the fact you were boyfriend and girlfriend if you loved them?

But yes, as with all of SM5645's fanfics, we also have the same problems of spelling (how do you lean on the "oposit" side of a door?), random tense switching and p.o.v. switching, and a lack of logic (how do you only pay 700 dollars to repair a toalled car? Unless it's a blender with Hot Wheels?). Granted, this isn't quite as bad as Seiya abusing Serena, but it's quite close, as there's absolutely no reason for the cliffhanger at the end of the published chapters, for example. Then again, nothing in this story has a reason, so maybe I'm just being redundant.

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