Kitty Chaos With Grampa's Pickle!
by Cathy Young

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PLOT: Grandpa wants to shave Artemis in a particular place - but Artemis doesn't want to do it!c What will happen next?
LENGTH: 224 words
RATING: PG-13 (For real?)

COMMENTS: When I first read this.....story (and I use the term loosely) I was totally unsure how to classify it. It was quite, uh, bad. It's not even really a fanfic if you think about it. It's just another excuse to have a cat orgy (which I might say, we >don't need anymore of them in this fandom).

In the end, it had to be a trollfic. Granted, Grandpa's a pervert, but to shave Artemis like that let alone have any interest in Artemis, when everyone knows he likes only teenaged girls (or as another famous pervert put it, "High school is high school!")? And then to go "My DiC!" in the same story? Come on, it has to be a trollfic! What else could it be? A bagel?

So...yeah. It still sucks, and it caused my fingers to spontaneously combust (I mean, "My DiC!" alone probably causes the death of some starving Rwandan or something each time from the stupidity of it). So if you'll excuse me, it's time to go to the Burn Ward. Again.

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