Artemis' Lover
by Oscar

Artemis' Lover: Original Unedited Version
Artemis' Lover: Edited Version
Artemis' Lover: Sailor Moon Z Version

PLOT: Join Oscar, the 13-year-old Saiya-jin hermaphrodite who needs no other introduction, as he fantasizes about, saves the life of, and eventually wins the heart of, the object of his desires: Artemis, Minako Aino's soon-to-be-ex little white cat companion.
LENGTH: 2490 words (unedited); 1663 words (edited); 7475 words (Sailor Moon Z)
RATING: N/A/Hentai

COMMENTS: Well, this is one of those stories that needs little or no introduction. Even to those uninitiated to the world of bad Sailor Moon fanfiction, it is easy to summarize in one sentence: It is the story of a teenaged hermaphrodite Stu self-insert and his bestiality obsession with an imaginary cat. That's it.

Of course, the plot itself is not the only thing that lends itself to the infamy of the story. While the sex scene alone could obviously have melted a few brain cells here and there, mercifully, there is an edited version that Oscar wrote where you can just skip it. Not that it makes the story that much better. The sexual implications of bestality (and there are many in the story), the OOCness (Artemis gets shockingly stupid in later installments), and bad spelling and grammar ("imagen that!") aside, Oscar is probably the first, certainly one of the first, of the extremely bad Stus and Sues that have come into existance in the Sailor Moon forum. Of course he is a Super Saiya-jin at the tender age of 13; of course he is stronger than the other soldiers in almost every way and knows their identities. And he is probably also the only person in the world who can get away with mass murder just to cover up his having the hots for another catperson - and have their lover be completely fooled by it. But, of course, that is a bit beyond the scope of this story, where we can only be content with him bashing in the skulls of youmas and other cats.

Perhaps its a blessing that most of Oscar's works are trunicated for the sake of MSTs and such; those who wish not to read the naughty parts don't have to worry anymore, save for this, with the original being among the surviving versions. On the other hand, it's a loss to the badfic followers, who search in vain for the original versions of these stories (see How Can I Go On). After all, what good is badfiction when the worst of the worst has been taken out?

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