Sailor Moon: The Return of Munihausen
By The Great Red Serpent

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PLOT: Faust Munihausen is several mere steps away from taking over the world. All he needs now is the ginzuishou to complete his plans. But first, he'll need to bring its carriers to his future, where demons run free and blood runs copiously in the name of the Overfiend....Crossover with Urotsukidouji.
NEW CHARACTERS: Jahmal; Jason; Nick
LENGTH: 31493 words
RATING: N/A/Hentai

COMMENTS: Ah, Urotsukidouji. So many firsts for that series - the first OVA anime to be released in US theatres as a movie (heavily censored, of course). The first story with a Nazi death rape machine. The first get the idea that these firsts are quite disgusting.

Which makes this story all the more sick, since its a crossover between Urotsukidouji and Sailor Moon R, where the tentacle-raping makemono have no end, the sheer amount of orgies in this story come a'plenty, the time mechanics are up there as some of the most nonsensica ever seenl, and Mamoru acts like, well, a pussy in more ways than one. The OOCness in the story is completely mind-boggling, speaking of which. Mamoru is transformed into a mere shadow of himself - he's knocked unconscious for half of the story while everyone has sex with him, pines for Usagi and stupidly hands the ginzuishou over to the enemy, and is then decapitated. Nice going there, bucko.

But wait, it gets better. After the OOCness, the tentacle raping, the girl raping, the man-raping, and just all the raping in general, it turns was all a dream! Not only is it done in deus ex machina style, but the original characters in the story are all the author's friends, and the sole reason for writing the story was to have the real life friends' proxies screw the senshis' brains out. Amazing, isn't it? Only....not.

It took a lot of courage to get through this story once, and frankly, once is enough. For those of you who don't have the stomach, it's best you stay away from this abomination. I promise, you'll thank me later.

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