Usagi's Usual Morning
By Jeffrey "One-Shot" Wong

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Shingo's Usual Morning

PLOT: Several years have passed since the defeat of the enemy of the sailor senshi. What do the senshi do now that they have their days free and open?
LENGTH: 33833 words; 3114 words (Shingo's Usual Morning)
RATING: NC-17/Hentai

COMMENTS: You may remember a passing mention of Jeffrey "One-Shot" Wong from another entry on this site. Remember, when Minako goes insane from reading so many of his fanfiction? Well, this is an example of his fanfiction. And upon reading it, it becomes apparent why Minako would have gone insane. To those who thought it was lost forever, you have thought wrong - this is the most complete version of the series that he wrote, straight from his defunct hentai website. (Thank you again, Internet Archive.)

At least the author admits in his notes there's no plot, which is good. Admitting is the first step. Then again, the rest of the steps are thrown out the window when we see just what post-series Usagi's "usual morning" is. Seriously, who knew that Usagi and her friends stimulated each other for hours on end without getting fatigue or headaches? For that matter, who knew the senshi were full-blown contortionists? Seriously, that's all they do - they stick each other's face into their "virgin slits" and perform oral sex on each other. Every. Single. Chapter. And then of course there's the "unrelated" morning of Shingo, where we learn that Shingo likes the fact his sister pleasures herself to no end....and there's an indication that this could have gone on forever and ever, adding more and more characters from the show to repeat the events of the previous chapters....

Booooooooring. Seriously, if I wanted to see something like that, I could just as easily go and watch Cinemax. It's the same thing, and it's not turning my favorite characters into masturbating robots. At least Chibi-Usa wasn't written into this turd. At least, she wasn't yet. For all I know she could have been servicing Luna. And that is an image I really don't need to foster.

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