Godzilla V.S. Sailor Jupiter
(The Bigger They Are...)

by Flashman

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PLOT: The title says it all: The soldier of thunder vs. the mighty radioactive reptile. Who will win?
NEW CHARACTERS: Soldiers 1 and 2 (aka Michles), a random general; random terrified citizens
LENGTH: 2298 words

COMMENTS: Ah, this fanfiction. This was actually the very first fanfiction I saw as an MST, many, many years ago. I can't even remember where I originally saw it. But the moment I alighted on it as I was making this site, the memories of it rushed back to me. And I wasn't happy at all when it did.

Basically, it's a short story in script form with Sailor Jupiter fighting against "new timeline" Godzilla (huh? Didn't Toho Studios disown those movies because they were in preparation of the US-made movie?), and in the meantime she falls in love, gets her hair cut short and freaks out about that [unprintable] [unprintable] [unprintable] [unprintable] monster (I kid you not, this is actual dialogue from the story...) and ends up getting radiation sickness that will probably kill her (Luna, of course, says she doesn't have it, but Makoto was burnt by radioactive fire. I think she does, Luna!) Meanwhile, everyone else had the sense to leave hours ago.

You'd think, after all of the times Tokyo's been gutted by this guy, at the very least its superhero protectors know better than to get in his way. After all, the people of Tokyo regard him as a balancer, both good and evil, now their protector. Obviously, he was looking for something that was probably threatening Tokyo. But Sailor Jupiter - who is very OOC - just had to stop him and fight him because the author just felt like writing this story with Godzilla in it (as he reveals in the author's notes). You can thank her - and the author - later after Mothra and all those other monsters can take over and destroy the world, because Godzilla is now pissed.

And the fight itself? Extremely bad. It's not even a fight; it's just Sailor Jupiter spazzing out more about the guy she just met and fell in love with (who instantly dies) and throwing lightning at Godzilla that has no effect on the monster, after said monster wipes out the entire Japanese military.It's boring. It's a lot like all those DBZ battles, where you know that Goku is going to win no matter what. It's not worth giving any attention. And the fact that somehow Godzilla actually cares that Jupiter is attacking him makes the story even more laughable and ultimately, pointless.

Yes, an [unprintable] [unprintable] [unprintable] silly fanfic, about an [unprintable] [unprintable] fight [unprintable]. Avoid it.

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