A Lukhen Kup A Hole in the Head
by Pearl Emerald

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PLOT: The Sailor Scouts fight evil by moonlight and win love by daylight - as Orthodox Jews living in Brooklyn, New York.
NEW CHARACTERS: Various old Jewish ladies
LENGTH: 1335 words

COMMENTS: Now, I know that most people who look at my site think I have something against Christians due to the amazing amount of Christian badfic on my sie (last count: 2). This is not quite true. I have something against religious badfic in general. And now, I have my chance to prove I am not a one-trick pony - I present to you a badfic with.......Orthodox Jews!

Yes, you heard me right. And it's just as stereotypical as you think it is, from the title onwards, and despite it claiming to be a parody, it's not even close to funny. The senshi are reincarnated into a neighorhood in Brooklyn (because Jews can only live in Brooklyn and Israel, as a rule), Hebrew words that mean nothing to non-Hebrews are thrown in left and right, all of the scouts (except of course Amy) have very very Jewish last names (what, we're talking stereotypes, were you expecting anything else?), and of course we have old Jewish ladies making commentary on the girls' marriage eligibility. Raye has been turned into Rachel (though she likes being called "Rei" - wha?) and Darien has become Daniel. Sammy gets the worst treatment as "Schmuel", and the prologue's even called "Oy vey" - you can't get anymore stereotypical than that!

I do have to give the author some credit for remembering that New York has the Regents exams (the existance of which I have complaints about, though that's going on a tangent completely unrelated to fanfiction), but I think that's about it. On top of writing the awful stereotypes about Jewish peopleinto her fanfic, she also does the old-as-dirt "review or I don't post" threat in her FF.Net summary. Which is a no-no, but which would also explain why there's no more of this lovely story up. Thank goodness this is one instance where reviewers have ignored the threat of withholding chapters and have steered clear of this.

Besides......if it were me, I would have re-named Raye to be "Ruth" if I were writing. And if this author really wants to salvage this fic, in the future, she'd better put cameos by Mel and Max Brooks and Stan Lee in it and have a zombie pandemic in it. That way it's a real parody and I migh laugh at it. But, you know, that's just me.

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