The Most Horribl Sailonmoon Foc Ever
By ebonymeowmix21

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PLOT: One morning, Usagi wakes up and learns some very unsavory things about herself, her boyfriend, and llamas. What more could possibly go wrong with this story?
NEW CHARACTERS: Ashley Yecker aka Wonder Yecker
LENGTH: 1067 words

COMMENTS:Imagine you're sitting at your computer, when all of a sudden you get a mysterious e-mail. This e-mail contains a text file which the author - who wrote it themselves - wants you to see. And imagine your surprise when the first paragraph of the file describes how Usagi woke up and saw she grew a penis. Yes, a penis, which spontaneously grew fifteen years after her parents tried to cut it off. That's the way my morning started out.

I have to give the author credit - it's a trollfic and the author makes no attempt to hide the fact that they were, ahem, inspired by certain stories on this site, and probably others elsewhere as well . Not only do we have a Sue who's part cat, not only do we have gender confusion and implied incest, not only do we have tons of misspellings (Mamoru's name is misspelled literally every time), not only do we have the destruction of canon as we know it, not only do we have people praying in front of prom dresses and lesbians who all end up in hell...but we have the Llama formerly known as Chibi-Usa and bright red pubic hair as well! (Yes, a llama, of all things.) And then there's the ending, which I won't spoil, because it has to be the best trollfic ending in the universe, next to what happened to the Eternal Chicken. Still, it gives the Eternal Chicken a run for its money.

....You know, when I think about it, I don't think we have llamafic any on this site - or incest bestial llamafic for that matter. Bestiality, yes. Incest, yes. Llamafic of any kind, let alone of the incestuous or bestial kind? No, which is good, because honestly, isn't Chibi-Usa put upon enough in the fandom? Hopefully this is as close as we get to it.

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